Sunday, June 7, 2009

Covering all the bases...with nonsense...

Source: National Geographic- May 19, 2008...
Global warming may reduce the number of hurricanes forming in the Atlantic Basin by 2060, a new study says. But it adds that the storms that do form may be slightly stronger and wetter.
It's important to note that this report followed an above average ranked year in Hurricane quanity.

Source: National Geographic- June 30, 2007...

The number of Atlantic hurricanes that form each year has doubled over the past century and global warming is largely to blame, according a new study.
This is from just about one year before the previous study. I find it amusing that 2006 was a very low ranked Hurricane quanity year with none touching landfall in the US (and a low amount of tropical storms to boot).

In short...these studies are proven to be out and out distortions that don't even reflect the most recent season prior to the date of the reports. It is even more amusing that the medium of these two separate and contradicting articles is the same (National Geographic). This year (2009)...the "experts" are already lowering their prediction totals (which rarely correspond with reality).

So...there you have it. Global Warming causes less hurricanes and more hurricanes. The trick is to do a study that forms one postulate or the other and make sure your summary reflects the exact opposite from what transpired most recently. That provides maximum skepticism...and makes the faith base global warming brigade really dig into their hearts for true belief.