Friday, June 12, 2009

Greed has its drawbacks...

For the first couple of days after his flight ditched into the Hudson River, Paul Jorgenson was just glad to be alive. But then he started to need his laptop, his wallet, his car keys — all the essentials he had stowed under his seat and left behind in the sinking plane.
AIG has offered each and every passenger $10,000 in return for a full and final release of liability. I doubt that Paul Jorgenson had that much in his wallet. Laptops are less than $2,000 (top of the line).

The truth is that no liability has been assessed against the Airline. However, the junk science "experts" and the diligent plaintiff attorneys are doing all they can to create liability despite that the incident was "an act of God." So, in the mean time, the plaintiff contingency attempts to build a bogus case and their "clients" refuse to sign off on their "claims" because, quite frankly, they see a potential pay day down the line.

I have no sympathy for opportunists.