Sunday, May 31, 2009

Google up a Werewolf...

Did you know that the easiest way to identify a werewolf is to just do a Google search?


Use these keywords:

"naked, man, driving"

Think about it. There are entirely too many occurrences in which the police have to arrest some poor slob driving around naked. Well, how do you think they ended up driving around naked? 1,200,000 entries for that simple search phrase...Yikes!

Being a werewolf is hard on the wardrobe, folks.

Uncharacteristically truthful quote...

"There has not been a nominee in several generations who has brought the depth of judicial experience to this job that she offers," Obama says.
Yeah...I can't remember the last time a President nominated a racist for the position...

On a side note, I have taken to approaching each dilemma in my life by following the example of Sotomayor. I just ask myself... "What would a Latina woman do?"

The French Menace...

French oarsman Charlie Girard failed for a third time yesterday in his quixotic quest to row to France from Cape Cod. And US taxpayers are $80,000 poorer.

That's the cost of dispatching a Coast Guard jet and helicopter to a 21-foot, custom-designed rowboat bobbing 150 miles off Cape Cod, where Girard called it quits 10 days into his latest aborted adventure.

Fearful and cold in a menacing fog, Girard used a satellite phone to place an 8:25 a.m. distress call to the Coast Guard in Boston.

"I can't do anything," Girard, 28, said in a weak, breaking voice. "I'm cold, and I don't know what to do."
So, to summarize...the frog gave up for the third time. The US came to his rescue for the third time...and we taxpayers foot the bill every time Frenchman, Charlie Girard wants a little attention...(hmmm...sounds familiar).

"He is well," his website chronicler reported that day. "He becomes used more and more to the life on Caliste. He sleeps better now. A bird accompanied some hours on Saturday. He saw two boats."

The site appealed, in awkwardly translated English, for donations to help Girard "beat the record of the world of the crossing by rows the North Atlantic ocean."

By making a contribution, the appeal continued, "you will allow Charlie to close the budget and you will participate in an exceptional adventure."

On his website, where he says he comes from the Deux-Sèvres region in the west of France, he describes himself as "not a sea man . . . contrary to the previous adventurers, he has only coastal navigation experiences."
Who else is a cynic and thinks ole' Chuck is cashing in by taking in donations, starting a journey, and then calling it off after a short period to pocket the proceeds? Maybe...maybe not...but:

Girard will not be billed for the $80,000 expense, which includes six hours of total air time for the jet and helicopter, and the cost of support crews. Petty Officer Etta Smith, a Coast Guard spokeswoman in Boston, said policy is to use taxpayer money to pay for rescues.
Effin' French...

Friday, May 29, 2009

Try it at my polling place, wankers!!!

I wrote this paragraph in the post below to point out the mentality of the Left:

Pure Liberals first define "fairness" for the rest of us, and refuse to consider alternatives. This is why just about every issue comes down to identity politics with them. There is no subjective value accepted by a Liberal despite the fact it is purely subjective. They merely pronounce it objective. Facts, figures, statistics and the law are their worst enemy.
Now...let's see what's happening in today's news:

Justice Department political appointees overruled career lawyers and ended a civil complaint accusing three members of the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense of wielding a nightstick and intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling place last Election Day, according to documents and interviews.


Career lawyers pursued the case for months, including obtaining an affidavit from a prominent 1960s civil rights activist who witnessed the confrontation and described it as "the most blatant form of voter intimidation" that he had seen, even during the voting rights crisis in Mississippi a half-century ago.

The lawyers also had ascertained that one of the three men had gained access to the polling place by securing a credential as a Democratic poll watcher, according to interviews and documents reviewed by The Washington Times.

The career Justice lawyers were on the verge of securing sanctions against the men earlier this month when their superiors ordered them to reverse course, according to interviews and documents. The court had already entered a default judgment against the men on April 20.
That's Eric Holder's Justice Department. You know...the guy who called us all cowards for not taking a blunt dialogue on racism and bigotry.


Attorney General Holder and President Obama are racists overflowing with bigotry, which on its own is pretty damning. But, they are also dishonest politicians who, obviously, have no problem bastardizing the rule of law to curry favor for their own personal gain.

How's that, Eric?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Studying the bowl...

The larger point is that liberals and conservatives often form judgments through flash intuitions that aren’t a result of a deliberative process. The crucial part of the brain for these judgments is the medial prefrontal cortex, which has more to do with moralizing than with rationality. If you damage your prefrontal cortex, your I.Q. may be unaffected, but you’ll have trouble harrumphing.

One of the main divides between left and right is the dependence on different moral values. For liberals, morality derives mostly from fairness and prevention of harm. For conservatives, morality also involves upholding authority and loyalty — and revulsion at disgust.
Crap by the bucketload...

Here, try this:

Pure Liberals first define "fairness" for the rest of us, and refuse to consider alternatives. This is why just about every issue comes down to identity politics with them. There is no subjective value accepted by a Liberal despite the fact it is purely subjective. They merely pronounce it objective. Facts, figures, statistics and the law are their worst enemy.

Pure Liberals are only interested in prevention of harm if the application is to themselves.

The whole Conservatives---authority/loyalty thing is just...well a bucketload of crap. I would define Conservatives as pragmatic, more interested in factual truth and more attuned to reality over ideology.

We don't care how you feel about a decision.

We are more interested in assuring that the decision is properly made with the desired result. That way, we don't end up painting the roof of our house white because some "climate creep" liberal idiot thinks it's a good idea.

Global Warming legitimacy SINKS a little further...

UNITED NATIONS — With their boundless vistas of turquoise water framed by swaying coconut palms, the Carteret Islands northeast of the Papua New Guinea mainland might seem the idyllic spot to be a castaway.

But sea levels have risen so much that during the annual king tide season, November to March, the roiling ocean blocks the view from one island to the next, and residents stash their possessions in fishing nets strung between the palm trees. to tectonic shift, the islands are sinking. Rising sea levels are not the cause.

Now if you ask just about anyone living on the islands why this is happening, they will immediately shout "global warming." I was surprised they even knew this term, but they will point north and describe the melting of the ice in Greenland to make their case for climate change. Other people we interviewed described the tumultuous history of the islands, where at one time they used dynamite to fish with resulting damage to the protective coral. They also remind us that the islands are actually part of an old volcano that has a natural history of sinking back into the sea.
I wouldn't be surprised that they knew the term. The United Nations has been force feeding it to them.

*Snort* I remember watching an the Tonight Show back when Johnny Carson was running things, and Bob Uecker (baseball player and all around jokester) was a guest. He noted that he had gone fishing for the first time the week before. He used dynamite...and got 200 bass on his first cast.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I prefer to call it deporting...

Louis B. Susman, Ambassador to the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland
Imagine that...the likely new ambassador to the UK is a campaign bundler for Obama and the Democrat Party who was also the vice-chairman of Citigroup before resigning back in February. That's, of course, the same Citigroup which was gifted like $45 Billion of our tax dollars due to their ineptness (and by association, Susman's ineptness). Oh...and he's from Chicago.

Sorry, UK. Although, you might want to provide a nice warm welcome and thank Susman and his friends for the current economic climate.

Mc-Loven...High Priestess with the Leastest...

The effort to buttress the appeals court judge's nomination from behind a curtain of anonymity highlights the administration's determination to frame the narrative, even as cable news pundits and bloggers were alternately praising and criticizing Sotomayor.

"We protest in the strongest terms the Obama administration's frequent use of briefings done on a background basis . . . especially when the same officials briefing often appear ubiquitously on television shows with similar information," said Jennifer Loven of the Associated Press, president of the White House Correspondents' Association. She said this was particularly true on a Supreme Court nomination, "when the issue does not involve sensitive material such as national security information."

Asked for a response, Gibbs said it was "interesting" that the AP had no qualms about relying on unnamed "officials" in breaking the news of Sotomayor's nomination. "I'm not sure today is the day I'd make that argument," he said.
This is from a Howard Kurtz piece in the Washington Post today on the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. I found it amusing because Jennifer Loven is the AP reporter who filed her observations on the President's Inaugural address many hours ahead of the delivery. It was one of the examples we use on this site to point out that the Associated Press possesses a Time Machine.

I wasn't aware that she was the President of the White House Correspondents' Association. I suppose it has something to do with her infinite energy to carry the water for anything and anyone anti-Bush. Apparently, the rest of the cadre is wary of her other tools from the future, and decided to placate her in the event that she holds a death ray gadget, or perhaps can read their minds.

A media debate over Sotomayor erupted immediately after the AP reported her selection at 8:25 a.m., nearly two hours before Obama's announcement. There had been earlier skirmishes because Sotomayor was high on every media organization's list of possible appointees, unlike in some previous instances where the nominee -- Harriet Miers, for instance -- came as a surprise.
Damn Time Machine...

Terminator: Salvation...ignores Global Warming...

So, I went and took in "Terminator Salvation" the other day. There is a fatal flaw in the script...and I'm going to drop it on you like a two ton anvil.


I'm betting that Prince Charles soiled his Royal briefs after seeing this flick. It looks to me like the rebels are going to have to do some pretty radical cap and trade if they want to live. Actually, as today's "scientists" point out, they would have long passed the point of not return. Why fight? They're already doomed?

On that same note, machines do not require breathable air to live. So, please tell me why biological warfare was not a part of this film?

Whining little children...

• "It seems that the California Supreme Court justices decided to be indecisive," said Takei, who married Altman Sept. 14, 2008. "Our marriage is intact, but this issue is not settled. Inequality is still the rule of the land."

• "I'm sure you heard the prop 8 news," DeGeneres wrote on Twitter. "One day when everyone is treated with full equality, we'll look back and realize how wrong this was."

• "Those full of hate and fear will surely be disappointed that 18,000 same sex couples will be living in wedded bliss, kissing their spouses goodnight, checking off those little 'married' boxes on all those forms we fill out nowadays. That's really going to drive them crazy," Melissa Etheridge, who exchanged vows with her longtime partner in a 2003 ceremony, said in a statement. "I am hopeful as I see more and more states turn to the inevitable future of equality, California will get there. Change takes time."

• "I blame miss california," Margaret Cho wrote on Twitter.

• "That's just awful," Elton John said in an interview on "When you see places like Iowa saying yes, there's now five states in America (where same-sex marriage is legal). California is supposed to be a progressive state. It defies logic to me. I'm very disappointed."

• "This really makes me sad," Kim Kardashian wrote on her blog. "I thought we were more forward thinking than this, and I'm disappointed in the Supreme Court for being so closed minded. Everyone... gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered, EVERYONE should have equal rights to marry who they want to."

• "Gay and lesbian residents of this state are being denied the same rights, privileges and protections that heterosexual couples have when they marry civilly," Hilton blogged. "That is NOT right! That is not fair! That is wrong wrong wrong! This is about equality!"
This is the celebrity response to the Prop 8 nonsense over in California. Again, I'll confirm that I could care less about the gay marriage issue. It is of little importance, and I would not have had a problem with the result of the Court Decision one way or the other. Similarly, I had no problem with a majority of California voters deciding that they didn't want gay marriage in their part of the Republic.

So, my spoiled one-sided, arbitrary, celebrity friends...suck it up. The people have spoken...the Court has ruled...and if you call anyone a bigot for not supporting your side of the argument, you are nothing more than a whining little child.

Finally, lets stop with this hypocrisy about "equality" and being "treated like everyone else." The Gay/Lesbian movement uses that word so easily, and then holds a parade, or a banquet or something else that highlights how different they are. They celebrate that fact, so why be surprised or upset when others do the their way?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What about the dipsh*t in the White House, guys?

Not all remembrances on Memorial Day were about the brave ones who went to war and didn’t come home. Memories were stirring as well among those who, typically without the benefit of ever having been in uniform themselves, sent the brave ones off to war.

We are in a season rich with recollections being offered by key figures in the George W. Bush presidency. They have been busy writing their memoirs, or at least shopping them around — people like Dick Cheney, Donald H. Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, Karl Rove and, lest we forget, Mr. Bush himself.

This is to be expected. Once they have let slip the reins of power, senior people in every administration race to their desktops to pound out their side of the story and (no small consideration) to cash in on it. Big time, as Mr. Cheney might say. Former President Bill Clinton remains the gold standard, having received a $15 million advance for a thick memoir judged by some reviewers as notable less for its literary elegance than for its utility as a doorstop.
Recent polls have shown that those wearing the uniform don't have a very high opinion of that guy in the White House. So, the New York Times is doing their part to try and sway a bit more support in that regard. The process is a tired "hit piece" on the Bush administration efforting to alienate soldiers by giving the impression that Bush and Co. didn't care. Cashing get the idea.

The problem is that the New York Times failed to name the most egregious offender of this trumped up accusation. They failed to mention the man in the White House currently...who has more window dressing visages at than all the others combined.

Monday, May 25, 2009

It's all under control...

Yup...North Korea performed a "marginally successful" nuclear test yesterday about 20 times more potent than their first one. Let's see how the United Nations is addressing this distressing news:

UN Headquarters in New York will be closed on Monday for the Memorial Day holiday.
The noon briefing will resume next Tuesday, May 26.
Good grief!!! Shouldn't they be working on a "strongly worded letter" or something?


In Flanders Fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.
(by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Go hifreann leat!

The study also found that alcoholic drinks contribute significantly to emissions, with the growing and processing of hops and malt into beer and whisky producing 1.5 per cent of Britain's greenhouse gases.
Who do you think will win this battle?

Best of luck Greenies...there is a reason certain inhabitants of the United Kingdom have been stereotyped.

That's Racist...

Among several hundred people who gathered to celebrate African-American veterans in Roxbury's General Edward O. Gourdin Park yesterday was the grand-nephew of the famed judge, general, and athlete for whom the park is named.
It's interesting that there are no celebrations to honor those veterans with red hair...or veterans with hazel colored eyes. We consistantly and incessantly hear the "drums" demanding equality from those with more melanin in their skin tone. But, we always see segregational type honorarians such as this at the same time.

The "red hair" and the "hazel colored eyes" examples are arbitrary. However, simply put, were someone to set up a celebration of "white veterans," what would be the response? There is your litmus test on just what a celebration such as this represents.

The Entitlement 'pilot program' of Philadelphia Free Lunches...

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is supporting a Bush administration edict to end a well-regarded Philadelphia school breakfast and lunch program, according to a high-ranking USDA official.

Antihunger advocates are outraged, saying many poor children who normally get free lunch and breakfast may go without if the USDA ends the program, the only one of its kind in the country.

Known as Universal Feeding, the program allows more than 120,000 students in poor schools to eat free meals without having to fill out applications. Children and their families in poor communities don't always complete such forms. The USDA, however, is insisting that paperwork be used, which will result in fewer poor children eating, advocates say.
This was/is a pilot program...THAT WAS INSTITUTED SEVENTEEN (17) YEARS AGO!!!

Here's the bonus question:

Why do you suppose they stopped requiring students and parents to fill out applications for the free food? The excuse used was that so many children qualified from "poor families" that they believed it didn't make sense to require qualification any more. I don't think that was the reason at all.


1. Funding for the next year was based on spending from the previous year (like all government boondoggle...pilot programs).

2. Or...maybe the majority of recipients shouldn't be in this country to begin with...
My thoughts fall along the line that without these bogus give-away tax funded entitlements...maybe folks will think twice about having a family they can't afford. Or not.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Not immune...

FRAMINGHAM - Framingham's human resources director says she was unfairly fired from her job after questioning the legality of a round of Town Hall layoffs in February that eliminated the jobs of mostly older female, minority, and disabled town employees.
I love it when Liberal policies and precedent shoot Liberals in their own Birkenstock clad feet.

Framingham, Mass. is a Liberal bastion of idiocy. The town is smack dab in the middle of Middlesex County. 64% of that county put the current President and legislature into office. Locally, Mass. reaped 35 Democrat representatives in their House of a total 37. 8 or the 9 Mass. senators from that county are also Democrat.

So, as one of the most Liberal states is fighting to stay solvent (Middlesex County Court went insolvent a few years back, by the way) they are being forced to make cuts in civil employees. Presumably, the first to hit the trail are the most expendable. They, of course, hold Liberal "values" as well, and will not go quietly into the night. It is a microcosm of the internal fabric of society being torn and worn when those who supported the Liberal idiocy based on skin color, age etc...are the first to shout about their own lay-off without making a single reference to performance, merit or necessity.

Incidentally, Framingham documents about 2,000 Brazillian immigrants on their rolls. The common sense number is very close to 20,000.

Friday, May 22, 2009

From the no-brainer chronicles...

The United Nations, which aspires to protect human rights around the world, is struggling to deal with an embarrassing string of sexual-harassment complaints within its own ranks.

Many U.N. workers who have made or faced accusations of sexual harassment say the current system for handling complaints is arbitrary, unfair and mired in bureaucracy. One employee's complaint that she was sexually harassed for years by her supervisor in Gaza, for example, was investigated by one of her boss's colleagues, who cleared him.
Gosh...this surprises me.

Well, no it doesn't. But, see if you can spot the commonality on most of the "alleged" abusers referenced.

Some day I hope the alarmists get their heads out of their posteriors...

January 2003:
Are extreme droughts, and the wild firestorms that they foster, just a fact of life? Is this as bad as it's going to get or could the risk of drought and bushfires such as we saw in Canberra continue to grow?

The severe weather conditions that Australia is currently experiencing are a disaster. But it is not a natural disaster. A report, released on January 14, prepared by Professor David Karoly, Dr James Risbey and Anna Reynolds for the WorldWide Fund for Nature (WWF) Australia, found that the severity of the current drought is a result of human-induced global warming.

May 2009:
CANBERRA, May 22 (Reuters) - Authorities moved to evacuate thousands of people from a second Australian town on Friday as floodwaters from days of torrential rain inundated large parts of the country's east coast.

About 5,000 residents in Lismore, in northern New South Wales (NSW) state, were evacuated from their homes as floodwaters, in some places more than 10 metres (32 feet) deep, surged across riverlands stretching along 300 km (185 miles) of coastline.

Authorities also urged 9,000 people to evacuate the nearby town of Grafton, with floodwaters up to 8 metres deep expected to hit the town late on Friday. State authorities declared disaster zones in six areas, unlocking government help.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hmmm...I thought they just observed in their discipline...

Tim Blair (The Daily Telegraph-Australia) points to a Guardian article suggesting that:

Changing behaviour will be as vital as new technologies in tackling climate change. So where is the funding for linguists, anthropologists and sociologists?
Of course, we in the States have a separation of Church and State via the First Amendment of the Constitution, and solidified in a letter written by Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists in good luck with that. Read the comments at Blair's house...there are some real nice ones.

Make no mistake, the "Climate Change" brigade is a Church based on a combination of blind faith and just plain blindness...

Irony, NY Times Style...

A Quiet Meeting of America’s Very Richest
Published: May 20, 2009
There are fewer billionaires in these tough economic times, so one might imagine that the remaining ones would attract more attention when they moved en masse. Yet when some of America’s most prominent capitalists met earlier this month at Rockefeller University, it took weeks before anyone noticed.
Yeah...yeah...I know. This is crap news that means nothing. But, here's the funny thing. A. G. Sulzberger is the son of New York Times publisher, Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. Gosh...wonder how he got his journalist job?

I just wanted to point out that Arthur Sulzberger, Jr (Pinch) was likely not at the meeting of "America's Very Richest."

Carry on...


WASHINGTON — An unreleased Pentagon report concludes that about one in seven of the 534 prisoners already transferred abroad from the detention center in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, has returned to terrorism or militant activity, according to administration officials.

The conclusion could strengthen the arguments of critics who have warned against the transfer or release of any more detainees as part of President Obama’s plan to shut down the prison by January. Past Pentagon reports on Guantánamo recidivism have been met with skepticism from civil liberties groups and criticized for their lack of detail.
The New York Times needs to finish their sentence above:

"The conclusion could strengthen the arguments of critics who have warned against the transfer or release of any more detainees as part of President Obama's plan to shut down the prison by January....unless we can distort, delude, and otherwise shape the factual reference that 74 detainees returned to killing innocents because we wanted to stick it to George W. Bush."

There...that's better.

“It’s part of a campaign to win the hearts and minds of history for Guantánamo,” said Mark P. Denbeaux, a professor at Seton Hall University School of Law who has represented Guantánamo detainees and co-written three studies highly critical of the Pentagon’s previous recidivism reports. “They want to be able to claim there really were bad people there.”

Mr. Denbeaux acknowledged that some of the named detainees had engaged in verifiable terrorist acts since their release, but he said his research showed that their numbers were small.

“We’ve never said there weren’t some people who would return to the fight,” Mr. Denbeaux said. “It seems to be unavoidable. Nothing is perfect.”
If you go to Seton Hall and you have this guy for a this:

1. Ask for 74 extra credit points on all tests and quizzes. As the good professor points out, it is a very small number and shouldn't make a difference.

2. When you receive a red mark for making an error on a test, request that it be removed because...after all...nothing is perfect.

3. Write at least three highly critical studies on Professor Denbeaux and submit them to the Dean of Academic Affairs.

The Worm

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Angels and Dumbasses"

So, I went and took in that "Angels and Demons" film. Actually, it's a movie, not a film. A film has those annoying words flashing up on the bottom of the screen with a bunch of folks speaking in gibberish. Movies? Well, they sometimes have words popping up at the bottom of the screen, but most of the time there's some English between explosions.

Obi Wan Kenobi is still wearing the robe, but he never whipped out the light sabre...not even to practice. That guy who talks to a volleyball was in this one. I, also, have this vague memory of the same guy putting on a dress years ago and hanging out with some other guy in a dress. Everyone else reminded me of the people who lived at that Florida retirement home on the Seinfeld episode where Jerry hooks his old man up with a new Cadillac. You know...simple, naive and born to be extras.

I know it was pure fiction, because the super collider scene was in Sweden, and I didn't see one Muslim brandishing a protest sign or lighting a car on fire...not one.

As far as the plot goes, I wasn't very impressed. I guess my main gripe is that "The Da Vinci Code" actually takes place after "Angels and Demons." Yet, with the magic time machine of Hollywood (sometimes borrowed by the Associated Press) they somehow reversed them. I suppose it wasn't very know...consistency. Besides, as you traipse through each and every scene of "Angels and Demons" as the Illuminati is applied again and again ad nausea to explain the plot one has to wonder how the Illuminati was able to effect Vatican city centuries before they were know...created.

Again, I suspect the Associated Press and their time machine...the bastards.

I thought the movie was watchable. I, especially, enjoyed the "Godfather" type rhetoric and speaking cadence of the Cardinals. Brando would have made a great Cardinal. I thought it was a hoot when the volleyball guy was at the "obscure chapel" looking for the Bernini sculpture of "The Ecstasy of St. Teresa" and little Ronnie Howard zoomed in on a male couple together looking sinister in what was likely an inside joke meant for the Catholic church and their aversion to homosexuality. Me? I was shocked by the one dude's haircut. It was creepy.

I'm not Catholic. I'm not particularly religious with the exception of that time I fell asleep at the wheel and woke up in the wrong lane. However, that was a couple years ago, and I've recovered to my heathen ways long since then. I do, however, very much enjoy historical references in fictionalized stories. I prefer if they are done above a third grade level, though. I think Dan Brown was an elemenary school drop out...or maybe he'll just borrow the time machine and go back to finish up later.

I'll give this flick a sideways thumb. That way, even if you don't agree, maybe you'll give me a ride.

The Worm

I beg to differ...

Neutron stars are the second densest objects in the universe after black holes. A teaspoonful of neutron star matter would weigh about a hundred million tons.
The author never met Paris Hilton after a couple of Mai Tais. There is nothing more dense.

More Smart Car owners is directly proportional to less Democrats available to vote...

The Obama administration's sweeping fuel-economy and emissions initiative announced Tuesday reopens a fierce debate over tradeoffs between fuel economy and auto safety.

The government says no tradeoff exists, because nothing in the new rules would force automakers to sell more small cars, which are more dangerous in crashes than larger ones. But some safety experts think otherwise.
Yeah...fuel efficient cars won't be smaller... * snort *...The automakers will make big cars and SUV's know...the more parts and raw materials used, the cheaper it is to produce...right? And, of course the stringent environmental requirements will be easier to produce with a larger car/truck. Gotta love "Government Motors."

Incidentally...wanna see what happens to a Smart Car (aka: clown car) when it gets hit by a truck?

NY Times breathes a sigh of relief...Conservatives in trouble, too...

If you keep up with the news in the United Kingdom, you are aware of the expenses scandal in the House of Commons. Apparently, a free lance US journalist teacher living in London used the new "Freedom of Information" act and requested certain information on expenses. That led to a line of falling dominos based on the egregious abuse of the system by the Commons members.

Politicians....corruption. It's sort of like peanut butter and chocolate. What I found so annoying was the qualifying last paragraph of the New York Times in reporting the story...Listen to this:

For readers of The Telegraph, many of them staunch Conservatives, the revelations have carried an irony of their own. The day-by-day exposures have raised questions about the integrity of many Conservatives, as well as members of Labor and the Liberal Democrats, the third major party in the Commons, making for what some commentators have called an “equal opportunity” scandal.
Here's a clue NY Times...we don't prop up corrupt politicians regardless of their party affiliation. We send Conservative politicians packing if they step over the line.

Liberal politicians, however...get a pass from their supporters and the media on a regular basis. It's called integrity. Look it up.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Somewhere a village is missing their idiot...

It's Five Questions with Joy Behar from the Detroit Free Press: (aka: bottom of the barrel bilge)

Q: I wanted to know your opinion of Wanda Sykes' routine at the White House Correspondents Dinner and if you thought she went too far with her Rush Limbaugh jokes or if that's within the realm of fair game?

A: Well, Rush Limbaugh is a great target because he's the one who said, among other things, that Michael J. Fox was faking his movements ... to get publicity. So he's quite capable of crossing the line. ... I think that her main problem is that she wasn't getting the laughs. The joke needed to be a little bit more pointed. Because if it's funny, you get away with it. If it's not funny enough, then you veer into bitterness when you're attacking the opposite team. I think that was a little bit problematic for her. But she was funny on other stuff. And anyway, they love comedians and what we say until they don't love what we say. And then we're in trouble again. Remember, the role of the court jester is to tell the king he's full of baloney. That's what our job is.
Well, Michael J. Fox admitted that he was over-medicating which caused dyskinesia. That's a constant uncontrollable rocking motion for those of you playing along at home. Score one for Mr. Limbaugh...

Oh...Wanda Sykes was getting the laughs alright...there was a photograph of our President yukking it up over the liver failure joke. And, uhhh...Ms. may consider yourself a comedian...but I don't. I've seen more talent at a funeral home.

I do agree, however, that it is the job of the jester to tell the king he's full of baloney. When we can expect King Obama to get his due...hmmmm?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Great HONEST car review...

So far, though, you have not been told what it’s like as a car; as a tool for moving you, your friends and your things from place to place.

So here goes. It’s terrible. Biblically terrible. Possibly the worst new car money can buy. It’s the first car I’ve ever considered crashing into a tree, on purpose, so I didn’t have to drive it any more.
Jeremy Clarkson takes a look at the Honda Insight 1.3 IMA SE Hybrid in the UK Times and rips it a new one.

The review is hilarious.

So you’re sitting there with the engine screaming its head off, and your ears bleeding, and you’re doing only 23mph because that’s about the top speed, and you’re thinking things can’t get any worse, and then they do because you run over a small piece of grit.
Clarkson's verdict

Good only for parting the smug from their money
Read the whole thing...It's a hoot, and indicative of the entire Church of Environmy. Feel the guilt drip away as you limit yourself and sacrifice the bare essensials on a pursuit of Utopia (That's in Kenya...I think).

Newton's Third Law of Motion...

From Gateway Pundit:

The New York Times confirmed yesterday that it killed a story in October that would have shown a close link between ACORN, Project Vote and the Obama campaign. The NY Times killed the investigation before the election that would have shown that Barack Obama’s campaign and the Far Left ACORN Organization were guilty of technical violations of campaign finance law.
From the unforgiving world of "reality."

If the doomsayers are right, control of New York Times Co. could be up for grabs in the next year or two.
My wish is that a substantial portion of the toilet paper stock is purchased by some other elitist Liberal Jackass (David Geffen) so he can lose his silk shirt as well.


Power Line Blog dissects Clark Hoyt's (New York Times, Public Editor) sorry excuse for an excuse...'s what's for breakfast...

BANGKOK — Myanmar’s pro-democracy leader, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, went on trial Monday in a mostly procedural hearing as hundreds of police officers and army soldiers blocked crowds of protesters, according to reports from news agencies and opposition exile groups.

Several foreign diplomats were also prevented from entering the court where Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi faced charges that could bring a prison term of up to five years, according to the reports. A United States Embassy official was allowed to enter because another defendant in the trial is an American man who swam across a lake early this month and spent a night in Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi’s house.
Here's what the Obama Administration had to say about this injustice:


I'm embarrassed by our country's "leadership."

Let's simplify, shall we?

CANNES, France — It goes by a single name, but the Cannes Film Festival is a hydra-headed beast. For most of the world it is a red-carpet event, a seductively foreign affair in which glamorous stars wave at the cameras on their way into films that, save for the larger studio releases, much of the world will probably never see. This is the Cannes where art triumphs over industry (if not necessarily good taste), a festival of auteurs whose work has, at least in the United States, become increasingly difficult to sell to the public. This is the Cannes that, in time, shows up piecemeal at places like Film Forum in New York or through download on cable.
In short...most of the efforts at Cannes just plain suck.

Add to that the self-indulgent and self-important publicity hounds that always frequent these over done circle jerks, and you have the full recipe.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

EPA manhunt? Sounds sexist...

North Andover woman sought in EPA manhunt; bogus asbestos removal classes put thousands at risk

Days before she was to be sentenced for one of the country's most egregious environmental crimes, North Andover resident Albania Deleon begged for the court's mercy.

"I pray that God will forgive my soul," she wrote in a three-page handwritten letter to US District Court Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton, "and allow me to atone the rest of my life repaying and repairing the harm I have done. This is my solemn promise."

Then the 39-year-old mother sawed off her ankle monitor and disappeared into a cool March day, becoming one of the US Environmental Protection Agency's most wanted fugitives.
I had to post this simply because of the imagery it presents. What Albania Deleon did was fraud...and criminal in intent. I'm not arguing that point (even if most of the victims were criminals as well...illegal immigrants).

However, I was unaware that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hunted down offenders. I think that as long as Ms. Deleon has a vehicle with more than two cylinders, she can stay ahead of the Enviro Heat Squad.

They don't look too smart:

Minorities hit hardest again...and again...and again...

But the storm has fallen with a special ferocity on black and Latino homeowners, the analysis shows. Defaults occur three times as often in mostly minority census tracts as in mostly white ones. Eighty-five percent of the worst-hit neighborhoods — where the default rate is at least double the regional average — have a majority of black and Latino homeowners.

And the hardest blows rain down on the backbone of minority neighborhoods: the black middle class. In New York City, for example, black households making more than $68,000 a year are almost five times as likely to hold high-interest subprime mortgages as are whites of similar — or even lower — incomes. do you comment on this factual reference without some half-wit calling you a racist? How do you evaluate this fact in a politically correct fashion?

You don't?

“I don’t want to say it’s in the cultural DNA, but a lot of us who are older than 30 have some memory of disappointment or humiliation related to banks,” Mr. Grannum said. “The white guy in the suit with the same income gets a loan and you don’t?”

“So you turn to local brokers, even if they don’t offer the best rates.”
The simple fact of the matter is that the New York Times thinks that the amount of melanin in a person's skin or their family origin is an important factor in the make-up of those individuals who rather naively and ignorantly signed a legal document without making an effort to determine just what that document entailed. The excuse is how minorities have been treated in the past...on a pure anecdotal basis. They fail to tell you how many of these foreclosed homes were mortgaged by individuals under or over 30 (as if that should be a factor).

I kept waiting for the phrase "poor decision making" to debut in the piece. I saw it nowhere. I kept waiting for "Clinton encouraged sub-prime loans" to show up...never did. I kept searching for "Democrats refused to clean up the sub-prime mess that they created, encouraged, and ignored" to magically appear in the article.


There is an asteroid slated to hit the Earth tomorrow. All life as we know it will die in this "Ending Event." Minorities will be hardest hit...

Bird cage liner at the end of the internet...

PARIS — Will May 2009 mark the beginning of the end for the free, unfettered Internet?

From all the wailing on the Web — and the fist-pumping in some old-media redoubts — it might seem so.

In recent days, Rupert Murdoch, chief executive of News Corp., declared that he would end what he called a “malfunctioning” business: the free online newspaper. Other publishers, including The Guardian Media Group in Britain and The New York Times Co., which owns the International Herald Tribune, said they were examining ways to get readers to pay for digital news.
The red-headed stepchild of the New York Times (International Herald Tribune) has an article today lamenting the fact that putting up a "pay wall" to protect their content will not, likely, solve their financial woes.

Not one mention in the entire article about how their content could be improved to reflect a non-bias reporting...

Carry on, and continue sinking into the abyss.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Coolness floating by...

I went out on my front porch last night with a nice chilled bottle of Budějovický Budvar Pale Ale and plopped down for the show.

What show?

Well, at exactly 8:59 EST the International Space Station floated by (NNW to NNE) for about two whole minutes. Those of you who have witnessed this scenario know that it is merely a bright light floating across the horizon, but it is indeed something special even without theatrics.

In the words of Albert Einstein... "To imagine is everything."

You can witness the same sight should you wish (provided you are located in view of the flight path and the weather is clear...and there isn't too much artificial light screwing up the viewing). Just follow the link to the NASA Sightings page and plug in your Country etc... If the Space Shuttle isn't on the board for your neck of the woods, check out the International Space Station...(still coolness).

I've been Hypnotized!!!

And there is an undertone of political realities at work. Mr. Obama would have had to shut off every television set in the West Wing in recent days to avoid seeing former Vice President Dick Cheney’s assaults on his national security policies. While the Cheney fusillade has left many Republicans wincing, it has reminded Democrats that they could be politically vulnerable should the United States be attacked again.
Ummmm...feel the change. I agree. The entire Democrat Party is currently extremely vulnerable. But, it takes an opposition with foresight and fortitude to apply the advantage.

And, the vulnerability isn't just attached to the potential turn of fortune attached to a terrorist attack on US soil. They are exposed on taxes, reversal of campaign promises, corruption and what can only be described as an exploration when choosing cabinet heads (most of which seem to break the law nonchalantly).

This is the time to flat out attack the current administration and their water carriers on every issue. Cheney gets it. Rush Limbaugh gets it. Even the media understands that they are at a crossroad because they are starting to make the correlation between their circulation figures and their bowing to the Left. Here's a clue...the Right is more educated overall, and they are a bigger media market. They would have to go into full gear protection mode of their man, and that would doom many a media outlet in the short term.

The Republicans still haven't got it.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Gore keeps using that stupid Mesoamerican Long Count calendar...

Al Gore said Friday that fellow former Vice President Dick Cheney has jumped back into the political fray too soon into the new administration’s term.

“I waited two years after I left office to make statements that were critical,” Gore said during an interview on CNN, pointing out that his critiques were focused on “policy.”
Good thing Al Gore invented that internet thingy, or we would take him at his word.

Thursday, October 03, 2002
WASHINGTON — A spokesman for President Bush dismissed Al Gore's criticism of White House economic policies, saying Thursday that "nobody pays a lot of attention to what the former vice president said.
For you sticklers, that is less than two years from when GWB took office...and it took me all of two minutes to look up. I'm sure I could find better examples...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Garofalo is finally amusing...

JENKINS: Everybody at a tea party are racists?

GAROFALO: Yes. Everybody I saw at that tea party are racists.


GAROFALO: It is amazing, isn't it? How dare I?
I love Janeane Garofalo because she is so obvious. The substance of her arguments (and jokes for that matter) are rarely anything close to intellectual. However, she is one of those people who enjoy a self-proclaimed intelligence based on how she answers questions. She tried to employ "big words" with mucho syllables thinking that the application is significant. Those type folks always make me chuckle.

It's a personal insecurity, really. Incidentally, I wasn't aware that there was anything called the "Conservative Party" in the US.

Me thinks he doth protest too much...

Obama, who took the stage at Sun Devil Stadium shortly before 8 p.m., urged the 9,267 graduates to stand up to the challenging times by rejecting traditional status symbols as they build their own "body of work," a riff on ASU's decision withhold an honorary degree because the relatively new commander-in-chief had yet to establish a large enough body of work.

The sad point is that the media is STILL protecting this rookie from criticism regardless of the source, the subject and the truth of it.

Obama sought to put to rest the degree controversy, repeatedly joking about it during his speech. The president said the great American story is young people following their passions and not doing it for money.

"A whole bunch of them didn't get honorary degrees," he said. "But they changed the course of history — and so can you, ASU, so can you Class of 2009." can tell it irks him. How dare ASU denounce "The One."

"One of the amazing things about President Obama is his ability to weave together so many references into a powerful, yet lighthearted lesson," said Tempe City Councilman Corey Woods, who was at the stadium. "I loved the fact that he preached a message to the graduating class of never abandoning your dreams while name-dropping Winston Churchill and (Arizona Cardinals star) Kurt Warner in the same sentence. It's an important message that was packaged in a very accessible way." me do it.

"Alright, graduates...go get' that Winston Churchill know, the Brit whose statue bust I returned to the United Kingdom because he was a fat white guy, and that Kurt Warner guy who tossed the pigskin around your stadium before the Muslims in the area said that tossing a pigskin was unclean and an afront to Islam."

See...Easy peasey...The rest of the article concentrates on making "The One" seem unconcerned that ASU didn't feel he met the standards of receiving an Honorary Degree. The attempt is shameless and only highlights the fact that "The One" is pissed about it. Why else would he reference it so consistently in his speech?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The New York Times math whiz...

New York City police officers made more than 170,000 stops of people on the streets in the first three months of 2009, the most for any quarter in the eight years since the department began reporting the data, according to a report made public on Tuesday.

The percentage of the stops that yielded arrests or summonses, however, has remained consistent at a little more than 10 percent.
Absorb this warped percipience from CHRISTINE HAUSER of the NY Times.

Consistent at little more than 10 percent. So, where are the cudos to the NYPD. If they stopped 170,000 people, and arrested 10 percent of those folks...they nabbed (drum roll) 17,000 people in violation of the law.

Good Job!!!

The devil is in the details...

The report, released to the City Council on May 1 and made public by the New York Civil Liberties Union on Tuesday, says officers made 171,094 stops from January through March of this year. That was an 18 percent increase over the previous record for a quarter of 145,098 in the same period in 2008, according to an analysis of the data by the civil liberties group.
Oh Ho....actually, the phrase was "more than 10 percent" so they arrested more than 17,000 individuals. And, the NYCLU says there were over 171,000 stops.

Now, they also say that last year, the number of stops in the same time frame was 145,098. That means the total number of arrests in 2008 from those stops was just over 14,510 arrests. In other words, the NYPD arrested more than 2,500 more people for violation of the law. Where's the beef here?

Again, NICE JOB, NYPD!!!!

The group also charged that the report shows that a disproportionate number of blacks and Latinos were among those stopped.
Uh huh...yeah...well, the percentage of arrests staying consistent regardless of the number of people stopped suggests that the NYPD can do better. When the percentage of arrests drops in proportion to the increase of stops, then the plateau has been reached. In the interim, the Latino and Black communities are absolutely documented in this report twisted by the New York Times to be a bigger part of the crime problem if the number of arrests exceed their percentage make up of the city's ethnicity.

Good Gosh!!!! Did The Worm actually just say that? Sure...the numbers don't lie. Statistical fact indicates that the NYCLU is complaining because that the crack down on crime is bagging a comparatively higher percentage of those minorities who are claiming victim status. It's like weighing yourself down underwater with a concrete block and complaining about the choppy seas.

MAUREEN DOWD really is D-U-M-B...

Take a look at her hit piece on Dick Cheney. It's amusing in that she uses the first three paragraphs to destroy whatever point she was trying to make against Cheney's candid talk as of late. It is akin to shooting one's self in the foot.

When Bush 41 was ramping up to the Gulf War, assembling a coalition to fight Saddam, Jimmy Carter sent a letter to members of the U.N. Security Council urging them not to rush into conflict without further exploring a negotiated solution.

The first President Bush and other Republicans in Washington considered this treasonous, a former president trying to thwart a sitting one, lobbying foreign diplomats to oppose his own country on a war resolution. In 2002, when Bush Junior was ramping up to his war against Saddam, Al Gore made a speech trying to slow down that war resolution, pointing out that pivoting from Osama to Saddam for no reason, initiating “pre-emptive” war, and blowing off our allies would undermine the war on terror.

Charles Krauthammer called Gore’s speech “a disgrace.” Michael Kelly, his fellow Washington Post columnist, called it “vile” and “contemptible.” Newt Gingrich said that the former vice president asserting that W. was making America less safe was “well outside the mark of an appropriate debate.”
I believe her goal is to enter a divide between Bush 1/ Bush 2 loyalists and Cheney loyalists. Of course, the obligatory unidentified sources are enabled...

"...said an official in Bush I."

"...said a Bush family loyalist."
In short, Dowd is the kind of opposition you want in a debate championship. She'll argue your side for you, and remain oblivious to those laughing at her from both sides.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Breaking out the AP Time Machine for the preview...

CAIRO — President Obama’s decision to deliver a speech here next month has given significant encouragement to a once powerful ally that has grown increasingly frustrated over its waning regional influence and its inability to explain to its citizens why it remains committed to a Middle East peace process that has failed to produce a better life for Palestinians.
I borrowed the Associated Press Time Machine to gaze the occurrence. It went something like this:

"Ummmm...uh...America is sorry for kicking ass and taking hyphenated names over the last eight years. We were wrong to stand up to despotic, tyrannical and opressive leadership in your part of the world. However, my administration is dedicated to appeasement, looking the other way, and allowing your wonderful culture to go full tilt boar on anti-Semitic rants, terrorist agression, and antiquated bigotry. In return, I shall do the same in my own devine way.

We will celebrate our fruitful similarities together...

Je fart dans votre direction générale

ST.-VICTOR-DE-CESSIEU, France — The French, known for their mistrust of banks, are not just stuffing money into mattresses in these anxious days of recession and minuscule interest rates. They are also putting their cash into cows.

For Pierre Marguerit, 60, cows make a safe, secure investment, allowing for long-term growth from a renewable resource. The cow contracts are hardly new, but go back to Richard the Lionheart; the French word for livestock, “cheptel,” is the root for “capital.”

These are not exactly cash cows. But investment in Mr. Marguerit’s Holsteins will bring a 4 to 5 percent return a year after taxes, he said, based on “natural growth” — the sale of their offspring. That compares to an interest rate now of 0.75 percent on the basic French bank account.
Don't get to comfortable with the cow thing, my French friends. The United Nations shall be along shortly to...settle up on the methane releases causing global warming.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Reasonable accomodation means inmates run the asylum...

Muslim chef tells tribunal he refused to cook pork
May 11, 2009

LONDON (AFP) — A Muslim catering manager refused to cook sausages and bacon because he feared he would be splashed with pork fat, he told an industrial tribunal Monday, alleging religious discrimination.

Hasanali Khoja, 60, from London, said he felt he was at risk of contact with pork products even if he wore gloves and used tongs to cook.

Khoja, who claims he was discriminated against due to his Islamic faith, also alleges that in a meeting to resolve the situation, a human resources manager pulled faces and made racist gestures.
Brussel Sprouts...I would understand.


He should be...but won't be (wasn't). The cult of Islam reigns in the UK.

I wonder if I can get arrested in a video game...

Rat bastards!!! They wouldn't give me a zoning permit to build a Monster Truck Arena across from the community gardens. Gosh...I didn't know that hash needed to be grown in a quiet environment...Hippies.

Home Improvements in addition to the mortgage...

Caulking and sealing. Insulation in the walls and the attic. An upgraded furnace. Perhaps even a new refrigerator.

Energy-saving home improvements - that's how the federal stimulus program will first be felt by tens of thousands of low-income American families.

About 30,000 homes in Pennsylvania and 13,000 in New Jersey will benefit from $5 billion that Congress has allotted nationally for weatherization work.

Pennsylvania will get $253 million and New Jersey will get $119 million under a supercharged expansion of a 33-year-old program that was first meant to help the nation cope with the Arab oil embargo and high energy prices of the 1970s.
And you just thought that you were paying for their mortgage. What a hard nosed callous person you are. You're giving them a new fridge and fixing up the residence, too.

New York Times has marble contest...

TIANJIN, China — China’s frenetic construction of coal-fired power plants has raised worries around the world about the effect on climate change. China now uses more coal than the United States, Europe and Japan combined, making it the world’s largest emitter of gases that are warming the planet.

But largely missing in the hand-wringing is this: China has emerged in the past two years as the world’s leading builder of more efficient, less polluting coal power plants, mastering the technology and driving down the cost.

While the United States is still debating whether to build a more efficient kind of coal-fired power plant that uses extremely hot steam, China has begun building such plants at a rate of one a month.
Personally, I wasn't aware that we were in a competition with China to see which country could build the most coal-fired power plants. Secondly, the headline is disingenuous:

"China Outpaces U.S. in Cleaner Coal-Fired Plants"
The headline should read:

" Current Administration promised to bankrupt coal-fired plants, and his lemmings are letting him do it...and China is kicking our ass in this faux competition overseen by the NY Times..."

Of course, the US outpaces China in freedoms, convenience stores, brands of ice cream, life expectancy get the idea. However, this "journalist" finds this comparison necessary for some reason. I've seen other blogs point out that US journalists were incessantly anti-American. I guess this is one of those journalists.

Incidentally, what was all that nonsense during the last Summer Olympics about air quality? It must have been my imagination, but there seemed to be a filthy haze all around the venues. Anyone who has ever been to the metropolitan centers of mainland China knows just how filthy and lacking in environmental respect they really are. I'm wondering if KEITH BRADSHER has every been there...and I shouldn't have that concern from a regional journalist.

Obama waves his magic wand at health care...

WASHINGTON — President Obama will announce today that the health care industry will try to cut $2 trillion in expenses over the next decade to slow the rising cost of medical care, two White House officials familiar with the plan said.

If successful, the cuts could help reduce costs for families and provide money for an expansion of health care coverage backed by Obama and some Democrats in Congress, said the officials, who briefed reporters but refused to be identified ahead of Obama's announcement.
Whoa...glad I'm not elderly. Think about will the industry cut costs? Well, that's simple. They will cut treatment. No longer will you have covered procedures where the chance of success is below a certain percentage. Now, think about all those filler lifestyle articles that pop up telling you of a miracle recovery where the doctors invariably say... "I've never seen anything like this."

In short, those who can afford coverage, and make it a priority to secure health insurance will have to give up the quality of that care so those who don't have health insurance, or fail to make it a priority can have it paid for with your taxes...and your sacrifices (perhaps your life).

Right, Obama?

White House officials offered few specifics about how the cuts would be achieved or how the promise to slow the rate of cost increases would be enforced.
Thanks for the clarification...

Here's some more clarification:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009
The slippery slope is already coated in ice...


Wednesday, December 3, 2008
Universal Health Care at its most pragmatic...

RUISLIP, England: When Bruce Hardy's kidney cancer spread to his lung, his doctor recommended an expensive new pill from Pfizer. But Hardy is British, and the British health authorities refused to buy the medicine. His wife has been distraught.

"Everybody should be allowed to have as much life as they can," Joy Hardy said in the couple's modest home outside London.

If the Hardys lived in the United States or just about any European country other than Britain, Hardy would most likely get the drug, although he might have to pay part of the cost. A clinical trial showed that the pill, called Sutent, delays cancer progression for six months at an estimated treatment cost of $54,000.
The United Kingdom is already suffering the consequences of forced cuts on treatment...we're next.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Humor is a window into the philosophical soul...

WASHINGTON (AP) — It was the hottest ticket in town, a black-tie dinner gathering of Washington's political and media elite but Dick Cheney couldn't make it.

The former vice president was busy, President Obama joked, working on his memoir "tentatively titled, How to Shoot Friends and Interrogate People. "
Yuk it up, rookie...

We can put it on the highlight reel when a major city disappears in a plume of smoke down the road. Terrorism is a joke to this Administration. They don't take it seriously. There are always repercussions for such astounding ignorance. Unfortunately, it is the American people who will pay the price...not this cretinous moron.

There is a reason you should do your homework...

Sometimes rules in a single program collide with themselves. Such was the case with Jewell French-Allen, who got tangled in an obscure provision of Massachusetts unemployment law. With a high-risk pregnancy at age 35, Ms. French-Allen left a $40,000 a year job and applied for jobless benefits. But the state denied the request, ruling that she had quit by choice. She then took a sales job at much lower pay, and was laid off.

Had she never held the first job, Ms. French-Allen could have gotten unemployment benefits. But because her earlier request had been denied, the state added a test — and disqualified her because the weekly pay from the second job was less than the benefits she would have gotten from the first.
There is nothing obscure about a law that keeps individuals from collecting unemployment benefits when they are the ones that terminate the job. It's called common sense.

When Ms. French-Allen realized the stupidity of her decision and re-entered the job force (after the State denied her benefits...QUITE CORRECTLY)...she was laid off.

This could all have been avoided had Ms. French-Allen took the time to research the issue before quitting her job...BEFORE DECIDING TO HAVE A CHILD.

She's not a victim of the State...just a victim of her own ignorance.

Friday, May 8, 2009

It's tough being omnipotent...

Back on March 21st of this year, everyone seemed shocked by John Conyers' proclaimed...bipartisanship:

In an startling partisan shift, House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers Jr. on Thursday proposed holding hearings on claims the liberal activist group ACORN engaged in a pattern of crimes ranging from voter fraud to a mob-style “protection” racket.
Yeah...right. Here's my response to that thread over at "Stop the ACLU."

Gormless Worm on March 21st, 2009 10:00 am
I tend to think that Conyers is merely moving himself to the front of the “relevance line.” His rhetoric will catch the attention of the White House. He’ll be pulled over there for a nice personal meeting…and the all important question will be asked.

“Sooooo…Congressman Conyers…what’s it gonna take to get you back doing the people’s work…instead of poking ACORN with a stick?…I’m listenting.”
Well...guess what?:

Democrat Rep. John Conyers backs down from his pledge to investigate ACORN fraud: Bok, bok, bok.

Matthew Vadum zeroes in on the right question: What happened in a mere two weeks to change Conyers’ mind? Did he get a call from friends of ACORN in high places? Did he get something else? Why drop the call for a congressional probe in the very same week that ACORN criminal charges have been filed in Nevada and Pennsylvania?

What gives? Or who gives?
(Michelle Malkin's blog)
Mission accomplished...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Hollywood Brain Trust Society...

Here's your kick for the day...

724 Celebrities who dropped out of school...and shape our world.

Islam your fireworks and ammonium nitrates...

HONOLULU (AP) - Hawaii's state Senate has overwhelmingly approved a bill to celebrate "Islam Day" - over the objections of a few lawmakers who said they didn't want to honor a religion connected to Sept. 11, 2001.

The resolution to proclaim Sept. 24, 2009, as Islam Day passed the Senate on a 22-3 vote Wednesday. It previously passed the House.

The measure now goes to the governor.

The bill seeks to recognize "the rich religious, scientific, cultural and artistic contributions" that Islam and the Islamic world have made.

I was wondering...does that mean Hawaiian women can be beaten if they wear something too revealing? Or, maybe, can we all find a microphone and claim "OUTRAGE" at...well...I don't know...anything to which we disagree? Perhaps we can marry an underage girl just for kicks after our immediate family arranges the union without input from the marrying parties. How about this...we stone homosexuals?

Happy Islam day!!!! The religion where over a quarter of young US-Muslim males say terrorisim is justified. Hazzzah!! Hazzzah!!!!

I'm missing the logic...

FDA is failing to meet its food-safety inspection audit goals

The Food and Drug Administration is failing to meet its goals for auditing food-safety inspections that states do on its behalf, FDA data show.

The FDA fell short of its goal in at least 17 of 39 states it paid to do inspections in the 2007-08 contract year, according to data the FDA gave USA TODAY. In five states, the FDA did no audits.
Well then, by all means hire someone to head the FDA who has little to no experience in such issues:

Although she lacks deep experience in drug- or food-safety issues, Dr. Hamburg was an infectious disease researcher and is an expert in bioterrorism and public preparedness, both of which seem keenly relevant. Her leadership in New York has won her admirers among public health advocates, many of whom said she would be a good leader to an agency a previous commissioner had likened to a cancer patient.
Obama's Keystone Cops Academy...strikes again.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hizzonor is a freakin' hypocrite

Mayor Bloomberg may have a lot of dough -- and this time he added a little flour, oatmeal and some raisins to go with it.

The billionaire mayor taped an appearance today on "The "Martha Stewart Show" and shared his favorite recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies with the audience.
Hmmmm...this is the Facist mayor of New York who took on a crusade to outlaw trans fatty foods... Let's take a look at his recipe:

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper; set aside.

2. In a large bowl, using a spatula, cream together butter, sugar, and salt. Add egg, vanilla, and ¼ cup water; mix until well combined.

3. In another large bowl, mix together flour, oatmeal, cinnamon, baking powder, baking soda, and nutmeg. Fold into the butter mixture until well combined. Add raisins and stir until well combined.

4. Using a 1 ½-inch ice cream scoop, scoop out cookie dough onto prepared baking sheets, about 1 ½ -inches apart. Transfer baking sheets to oven and bake until edges begin to brown, about 20 minutes. Let cookies cool on baking sheet for about 10 minutes before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely.
Yup...there is butter in those Bloomberg cookies...that means trans fat.

What a moron...and a joke. He should be using safflower oil.

Behold the idiots...

A number of lawmakers, foreign governments and environmental advocates had urged the administration to offer an amendment to the Montreal Protocol, the international treaty on ozone-depleting substances, calling for the rapid elimination of HFC’s. Some officials at the State Department and the Environmental Protection Agency had pushed for such a course, but the White House decided on a more moderate approach to give it negotiating room in upcoming rounds of climate and environmental talks.

HFC’s are used as refrigerants in air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers, as well as in some fire-fighting foams. They are sometimes referred to as “super-greenhouse gases” because they are hundreds or even thousands of times more powerful than carbon dioxide, molecule for molecule, in heating the atmosphere. HFC’s are cousins to chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC’s), two other classes of refrigerants which are being eliminated under the Montreal Protocol, a 21-year old treaty signed by 195 nations to control the gases that opened up a hole in the earth-protecting ozone layer of the atmosphere. know, the HFC's and the CFC's that were outlawed starting 21 years ago (OVER TWO DECADES AGO)...How'd that work out?

Well, the ozone hole was the biggest ever recorded just three years ago, and continues to be huge today. Apparently, the CFC's and the HFC's had little to do with the ozone hole. Good news, however. The same environmental whackjobs that made you refit the air conditioner in your automobile at a nice little cost are the same ones who follow the Church of Global Warming and are salivating at the thought of sticking their lying little fingers into your wallet once again.

And, for the record:

"We were surprised to find that the closing of the ozone hole, which is expected to occur in the next 50 years or so, shows significant effects on the global climate," said Lorenzo M. Polvan one of two principle investigators and professor of applied mathematics at SEAS. "This is because stratospheric ozone has not been considered a major player in the climate system. We believe the closing of the ozone hole is likely to have profound impacts on the surface winds and, also likely, to have an impact on other aspects of the Earth's climate, including surface temperatures, locations of storm tracks, extent of dry zones, amount of sea ice, and ocean circulation." read that correctly. Closing the ozone hole will cause global warming and all kinds of other Irwin Allen type goodies.

Close, but no cigar...

The Northeastern moderates tend to style themselves as fiscal conservatives, spinning a narrative in which they’re the victims of a doctrinaire social conservatism and its litmus tests. But many of them are just instinctive liberals who happen to have ancestral ties to the Grand Old Party. Chafee fit that bill; so did former Senator James Jeffords of Vermont, who amassed a distinctly left-wing record after he bolted the Republican Party in 2001 to become an “independent.” For that matter, so does the retiring Supreme Court Justice David Souter, a New England native and Republican appointee who often gets described as a moderate, but boasts the jurisprudence of a reliable liberal.

Others, like Collins and Snowe and (until last week) Specter, are simply horse-traders and deal-cutters, whose willingness to cross party lines last month to vote for $800 billion dollars in deficit spending tells you most of what you need to know about their supposed fiscal conservatism. They’re politically savvy but intellectually vacuous. Their highest allegiance isn’t to limited government. It’s to meeting the party in power halfway, while making sure that the dollars keep flowing to their constituents back home.
You canNOT be a fiscal conservative and vote for an "$800 Billion" bailout. It's a simple litmus test. And, I take issue with all these pundit omnipotent types who claim that the "defection" of Specter was a...loss...or negative in any way. It is very much an improvement to Conservative principles. The more moderate tweeners that are cast aside, the clearer the message of those who are left.

Soon, that message, should it be framed and communicated effectively will resonate in the constituency (supported and encouraged by the contrary policies and actions of those on the Left). ROSS DOUTHAT makes some valid points, but it's clear that he doesn't get it. I find it amusing that the IHT (NY Times) posts his photo with the story and uses the following caption under the pic:

Susan Etheridge for The New York Times
Some of his points reflect hers, I'm sure. This is the time to clean house and go full out on the offensive...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Watch how this works...

Just a couple days after Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin talked up natural gas, while apparently moderating her stance on global warming, she received an unexpected present from her state legislature.

Juneau is buzzing about a last-minute addition to the state’s capital budget giving Gov. Palin funds to push ahead on a small pipeline to bring gas from the North Slope down to Fairbanks and Anchorage, where most Alaskans live.
Governor Palin cracked the ceiling on this project (which no previous Governor in the State of Alaska could do). The WSJ points out that this is a small concession since the ultimate goal is to get a nice whopping $30 Billion pipeline all the way down to the Lower 48. TransCanada, and BP Conoco were not in a cooperating mood to push the project forward. They still, really, aren't... But...what a difference a week makes...

SAN FRANCISCO (Dow Jones)--TransCanada Corp. (TRP) started the permitting process this week for its $30 billion Alaskan natural gas pipeline, while two oil majors work on a rival project.

The Canadian pipeline company filed a request Thursday with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to start what's called a "prefiling procedure" in which the company works with regulatory staff to ensure it has all the data and information needed to file a formal application for approval of the project.

TransCanada plans to build a 750-mile pipeline from Prudhoe Bay to the border of Alaska and Canada's Yukon Territory, extending several hundred miles through Canada to the continental U.S. The pipeline would ship 4.5 billion cubic feet of gas per day, with possible expansion to 5.9 billion cubic feet. TransCanada will decide on a final route based on shippers' interest. The company also plans to solicit interest in a separate 800-mile gasline from the North Slope to a liquefaction plant in Valdez, where gas would be shipped to the U.S. by tanker.
There is still no agreement between TransCanada and BP Conoco, but the trump card is that Exxon (which controls a heap load of natural gas and oil on the North Slope) could apply the screws to the party that has the best pipeline plan to get moving. how this works...

Expect Washington to set loose the dogs in an effort to scuttle what is shaping up to be a dramatic increase in natural resources available to the Lower 48. How will they do it?

Environmental suits; pressure from the Legislature on escalating taxes on energy companies...attacking Gov. Palin head on...

I predict all out war on this project...and you will recall that the White House threw a rider into the bailout that allows them to shut down companies and projects based on a perceived threat to protected wildlife without debate or legal review. Interestingly, it was the Alaskan Senators providing the most opposition to the "stroke of a pen, law of the land, kinda cool" order.

All out war...I'm telling you.

For every action (or non-action) there is an equal and opposite...

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) -- A coalition of Muslim groups is calling for Muslims to stop fully cooperating with the FBI.

The American Muslim Taskforce on Civil Rights and Elections is upset over what it says is increasing government surveillance in mosques, new federal guidelines they say encourage profiling, and the FBI's suspension of ties with the nation's largest Muslim civil rights group. know...the current Administration is implying there are no repercussions for being an enemy of the State. Actions speak louder than words, and reactions usually follow.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Begging for an icon...or hoping to create one...

Since her death Corrie has, outside of the Palestinian-controlled territories, become one of the most famous victims of the conflict. Last week, the Tribeca Film Festival hosted the first North American public screening of Rachel, a documentary by the Israeli filmmaker Simone Bitton about Corrie's death that had its Canadian premiere at Toronto's Hot Docs festival last night.
Have you ever noticed that the Left has one hell of a time finding people that can be honored or respected by both sides of the aisle.

Rachel Corrie might have been an idealist. However, she surely wasn't very versed on the organization which she represented on the day of her fate (or maybe she was...and that is even a more egregious error on her part). The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) was well known for applying the "human shield" approach to resolution. They claim "non-violence" in their approach, but that has been proven false in a number of instances. I might, also, point out that the bulldozer that pushed debris into Ms. Corrie (accidentally) was not demolishing a house, but clearing scrub away from a smuggling tunnel that allowed weapons and contraband to be brought in from Egypt.

It's been six or seven years since the unfortunate accident, and still, the Left is milking the happening like it was a monumental event involving a modern day Joan of Arc. It was no such thing.

Happy Birthday, Niccolò...

Today is the birthday of Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli. He entered this world on May 3, 1469. He led an anti-Medici militia (distrusting mercenaries to do the job), was accused of conspiracy and theft (leading to torture on the rack), and has acquired the reputation due to his writings that he believed "the ends justify the means." Machiavellian...if you like.

However, that is just a careless reading of his work(s) (The Prince). His true calling card may very well be this:

"All cities that ever at any time have been ruled by an absolute prince, by aristocrats or by the people, have had for their protection force combined with prudence, because the latter is not enough alone, and the first either does not produce things, or when they are produced, does not maintain them. Force and prudence, then, are the might of all the governments that ever have been or will be in the world."
If that is true Machiavellian...sign me up.

The Duka Dimwits (Fort Dix terrorist plot)

Duka said he did not know how he was going to spread word about the case.

"I have to find a way," he said. "Nobody knows my sons better than I do. I know who they are."
That's easy...just ask the Philadelphia Inquirer to run a sob story "Bonfire of the Vanities" type piece like the one linked. After all, if the Inquirer had any problems throwing one together, they could take pointers from the Boston Globe's same shameless approach back in March.

Face it...the Fort Dix terrorist group was downright incompetent...but they were planning a terrorist attack. The whole defense was based on it being five kids mouthing off and waxing poetic. Of course, that wouldn't explain why they attempted to buy two machine guns from an informant. Three of the brothers got life in prison...deservedly. The media has no scruples or sense of ethics.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Noonan knows nada...

And so the latest round of What Should the Republican Party Do?

If it is alive, and it is, it will evolve, as living things do. Beyond that, a thought.

A great party needs give. It must be expansive and summoning. It needs to say, "Join me."
No, Ms. Noonan. It must educate. Conservatives must explain their positions (without compromising Conservative values) in terms relatable and understandable to the populous. It must "take the gloves off" and go on the offensive to expose the basic wrongs of policy and opposition now being put into place.

Coordinated press conferences across the nation must follow on the heal of each and every bit of legislation that will destroy the fabric of democracy. That SHOULD have been done at the very moment a bail out was signed by the President. Then, each time taxes go up and it is noticable to the public, follow up press conferences coordinated across the country should hammer home who the general public has to thank.

Each time gasoline prices spike, Conservatives should hammer home (in coordination) the continued blocking of off shore drilling. Every time produce prices, or retail prices escalate, coordinated press conferences by all available conservative politicians and grass roots organization should pound home the folly or Green legislation and the whole failed "Cap and Trade" philosophy.


The coming storm...

BEIJING — Behind the west Beijing apartment building where Liu Xia keeps a fifth-floor flat, the police have built a guardhouse. Its purpose is not to protect Ms. Liu, who seeks no safeguarding. The house is for the guards who watch her.

Inside, they take notes to record her comings and goings. When she ventures out, a guard picks up the phone. Soon, a sedan with darkened windows carrying a man with a telephoto-lens camera is trailing her.

During a recent chat in a nearby teahouse, Ms. Liu wondered aloud why she unnerves China’s rulers enough to merit her own guardhouse. She is not active in politics, she said, and does not even use a computer. “I take photos, paint paintings, write poems, read books, cook food,” she said with a mirthless laugh. “And drink.”

But, of course, she knows why. She is married to Liu Xiaobo, a writer, philosopher and democracy advocate. On Dec. 10, Mr. Liu and 302 others issued a manifesto, called Charter 08, that urged China’s Communist Party to abandon monopoly rule and establish a multiparty system of government.

The police seized Mr. Liu two days before Charter 08 was released. He has been locked ever since in a windowless room about an hour’s drive north of central Beijing. He is denied access to lawyers, to pen and paper and, except for two brief visits, to his wife.

He is allowed to ask for books. His latest request was for the works of Kafka.
Ain't no such thing as a little pregnant. Ain't no such thing as a little Democracy. In order to compete and prosper in the global market, China was forced to make concessions. What they didn't count on is that their constituency (especially in the outer Provinces) would grasp onto a whisp and a dream.

China's Jimmy Hoffa era is afoote, and eventually someone will take a count and realize that you can't opress 3 Billion people with threats. I think it will get ugly, and the Tibetan Monk altercations are just the beginning.

Souter returns home, and I shall not be there to greet him...

David Souter is coming home to New Hampshire, and it’s likely he’d say that’s something he’s wanted for a long, long time.

Souter, 69, took his place on the U.S. Supreme Court in 1990 but never made any secret of his dislike for Washington, D.C., saying he had “the world’s best job in the world’s worst city.” When the court is out for the summer, he quickly heads north.
Souter lives in Weare, NH...which is where I lived for about 2 1/2 years. It's a small town not far from Concord about half way up the state.

I met him once...and he told me to stop leaving apples out for the passing horseback riders (true story). I used to leave out a basket of apples because the horse farm down the lane had a horse trail used regularly that went by my house. I got a little tired of the endless clumping and the incessant clumps on my driveway, so I started leaving apples out. Apples aren't necessarily good for horses (although they only cause a few minor digestive issues). Riders keep their charges away from them, but horses just love them to death. I figured the message to the riders would get through eventually.

Judge Souter didn't approve and told me to stop. I stopped. I mean, what the hell, he voted in favor of eminent domain and stole other folks' homes without a blink of an eye...and it made me nervous. Incidentally, not all residents of Weare are very fond of Judge Souter. A local developer attempted to apply the Supreme Court decision ( "Kelo vs. City of New London" ) to Souter's own farm.

On Monday June 27, Logan Darrow Clements, faxed a request to Chip Meany the code enforcement officer of the Towne of Weare, New Hampshire seeking to start the application process to build a hotel on 34 Cilley Hill Road. This is the present location of Mr. Souter's home.

Clements, CEO of Freestar Media, LLC, points out that the City of Weare will certainly gain greater tax revenue and economic benefits with a hotel on 34 Cilley Hill Road than allowing Mr. Souter to own the land.

The proposed development, called "The Lost Liberty Hotel" will feature the "Just Desserts Café" and include a museum, open to the public, featuring a permanent exhibit on the loss of freedom in America. Instead of a Gideon's Bible each guest will receive a free copy of Ayn Rand's novel "Atlas Shrugged."
I'm disappointed that it never went through. It would have been amusing...and I would have had a place to grab a beer walking distance from my abode.