Friday, May 1, 2009

Like clockwork...

It would be more than a week before Mrs. Gutiérrez went to Oaxaca’s General Hospital, where she arrived listless and barely able to breathe, her extremities blue from a lack of oxygen.

That delay in getting expert help may explain why Mrs. Gutiérrez, 39, a mother of daughters ages 10, 17 and 20, became Mexico’s first death from a new, virulent strain of influenza A(H1N1). It may also suggest why this country’s death toll from the virus is higher than any other’s.

Epidemiologists are still puzzled by the virus, its origins and its modes of transmission. But they agree that prompt medical attention is crucial to treating it.
Expect a follow-up piece by the New York Times' MARC LACEY and ELISABETH MALKIN sometime in the next week. The yet to be published piece will stress the necessity of early treatment to confound the "Swine Flu." Then, the piece will dive into the necessity of amnesty for illegal aliens so that they don't delay their treatment due to fears that ICE officials will throw them back to their country of origin.

What is the NY Times waiting for? Well, in order to play on our emotions, and make their case, they need a heap load of illegal aliens to expire in the United States due to late diagnosis or delayed professional treatment.

Anyone want to take the bet?