Sunday, May 10, 2009

There is a reason you should do your homework...

Sometimes rules in a single program collide with themselves. Such was the case with Jewell French-Allen, who got tangled in an obscure provision of Massachusetts unemployment law. With a high-risk pregnancy at age 35, Ms. French-Allen left a $40,000 a year job and applied for jobless benefits. But the state denied the request, ruling that she had quit by choice. She then took a sales job at much lower pay, and was laid off.

Had she never held the first job, Ms. French-Allen could have gotten unemployment benefits. But because her earlier request had been denied, the state added a test — and disqualified her because the weekly pay from the second job was less than the benefits she would have gotten from the first.
There is nothing obscure about a law that keeps individuals from collecting unemployment benefits when they are the ones that terminate the job. It's called common sense.

When Ms. French-Allen realized the stupidity of her decision and re-entered the job force (after the State denied her benefits...QUITE CORRECTLY)...she was laid off.

This could all have been avoided had Ms. French-Allen took the time to research the issue before quitting her job...BEFORE DECIDING TO HAVE A CHILD.

She's not a victim of the State...just a victim of her own ignorance.