Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Smart Car owners is directly proportional to less Democrats available to vote...

The Obama administration's sweeping fuel-economy and emissions initiative announced Tuesday reopens a fierce debate over tradeoffs between fuel economy and auto safety.

The government says no tradeoff exists, because nothing in the new rules would force automakers to sell more small cars, which are more dangerous in crashes than larger ones. But some safety experts think otherwise.
Yeah...fuel efficient cars won't be smaller... * snort *...The automakers will make big cars and SUV's know...the more parts and raw materials used, the cheaper it is to produce...right? And, of course the stringent environmental requirements will be easier to produce with a larger car/truck. Gotta love "Government Motors."

Incidentally...wanna see what happens to a Smart Car (aka: clown car) when it gets hit by a truck?