Saturday, May 16, 2009

Coolness floating by...

I went out on my front porch last night with a nice chilled bottle of Budějovický Budvar Pale Ale and plopped down for the show.

What show?

Well, at exactly 8:59 EST the International Space Station floated by (NNW to NNE) for about two whole minutes. Those of you who have witnessed this scenario know that it is merely a bright light floating across the horizon, but it is indeed something special even without theatrics.

In the words of Albert Einstein... "To imagine is everything."

You can witness the same sight should you wish (provided you are located in view of the flight path and the weather is clear...and there isn't too much artificial light screwing up the viewing). Just follow the link to the NASA Sightings page and plug in your Country etc... If the Space Shuttle isn't on the board for your neck of the woods, check out the International Space Station...(still coolness).