Saturday, May 16, 2009

I've been Hypnotized!!!

And there is an undertone of political realities at work. Mr. Obama would have had to shut off every television set in the West Wing in recent days to avoid seeing former Vice President Dick Cheney’s assaults on his national security policies. While the Cheney fusillade has left many Republicans wincing, it has reminded Democrats that they could be politically vulnerable should the United States be attacked again.
Ummmm...feel the change. I agree. The entire Democrat Party is currently extremely vulnerable. But, it takes an opposition with foresight and fortitude to apply the advantage.

And, the vulnerability isn't just attached to the potential turn of fortune attached to a terrorist attack on US soil. They are exposed on taxes, reversal of campaign promises, corruption and what can only be described as an exploration when choosing cabinet heads (most of which seem to break the law nonchalantly).

This is the time to flat out attack the current administration and their water carriers on every issue. Cheney gets it. Rush Limbaugh gets it. Even the media understands that they are at a crossroad because they are starting to make the correlation between their circulation figures and their bowing to the Left. Here's a clue...the Right is more educated overall, and they are a bigger media market. They would have to go into full gear protection mode of their man, and that would doom many a media outlet in the short term.

The Republicans still haven't got it.