Sunday, May 3, 2009

Begging for an icon...or hoping to create one...

Since her death Corrie has, outside of the Palestinian-controlled territories, become one of the most famous victims of the conflict. Last week, the Tribeca Film Festival hosted the first North American public screening of Rachel, a documentary by the Israeli filmmaker Simone Bitton about Corrie's death that had its Canadian premiere at Toronto's Hot Docs festival last night.
Have you ever noticed that the Left has one hell of a time finding people that can be honored or respected by both sides of the aisle.

Rachel Corrie might have been an idealist. However, she surely wasn't very versed on the organization which she represented on the day of her fate (or maybe she was...and that is even a more egregious error on her part). The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) was well known for applying the "human shield" approach to resolution. They claim "non-violence" in their approach, but that has been proven false in a number of instances. I might, also, point out that the bulldozer that pushed debris into Ms. Corrie (accidentally) was not demolishing a house, but clearing scrub away from a smuggling tunnel that allowed weapons and contraband to be brought in from Egypt.

It's been six or seven years since the unfortunate accident, and still, the Left is milking the happening like it was a monumental event involving a modern day Joan of Arc. It was no such thing.