Monday, March 30, 2009

The perpetually offended...

The group talked about the effort nationally as well as in Michigan to eliminate stereotypes and Native American nicknames and mascots. The move focused on efforts by a woman to change the University of Illinois’ mascot, Chief Illiniwek.

Gary Markowski of Muskegon, a member of the Little River Ottawa tribe, pointed out that the mascots, symbols and dances are insulting to Native American religious beliefs.

“Religion is private for people. This is not an honor; it is a mockery,” he said. “It would be like someone dressing up as a bishop, scattering incense, making a cross sign and then doing a dance.”
What? mean like...the Providence Friar's mascot?


At the same time, the district had a petition drive of its own, both in the district offices and online, in which people could signal support or opposition for changing the name. Superintendent David Pray reported more than 90 percent of respondents favored keeping Redskins as the school’s nickname.
I keep waiting for Playboy playmates to start whining about Oregon State's mascot.

Guess who owns the mouth...

Hey...who do you think this is about?

In response to a question from a Nigerian journalist as to why his opposition to the ICC’s decision was at odds with the majority of suffering Darfur civilians who supported the decision, Brockmann blew off the whole premise of the question by replying that his views were in concert with the leaders of the Arab League and African Union. Then he launched into a nasty personal attack on President George W. Bush for having been the first world leader to charge the Sudanese leadership with committing genocide in Darfur.

"That should tell you quite a bit already. Can you imagine Al Capone calling the police to say that somebody stole milk from the market? It's Al Capone standing for uprightness," said Brockmann in comparing the former president of the United States with the Chicago mobster.

Not surprisingly, the only countries that Brockmann denounced during his press conference were the United States and Israel.
It's the president of the General Assembly of the United Nations, Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann.

A sweet little fairytale...German style

In her new Arte network series Sarah Wiener und die Küchenkinder, or “Sarah Wiener and the kitchen children,” a rabbit is stunned with an electric shock before the 46-year-old star chef kills, skins and butchers it – in front of her teenage charges.

Not surprisingly, the kids found this disturbing, the paper reported.

One witness, 14-year-old Simon said: “It was quite disgusting – the rabbit’s belly was still warm, not to mention seeing its beautiful, cuddly fur pulled off. Guts out, and everything in the trash. But the worst part was how it was hung up like socks.”

Sydney, 15, told the paper: “What affected me the most, I think, was when its throat was cut and quite a lot of blood came out.”

Wiener made no apologies for confronting the children with the realities of butchering livestock for dinner, despite the fact that several of the children cried during the filming.

“I believe that people should know what they eat,” she said. “It’s exactly from not seeing what goes on in our slaughterhouses that a transfiguration, an aestheticization and an underestimation of food products occurs.”

She also added that the youngsters had not been forced to observe the slaughter.

“If one or other of them are so shocked by this that they become vegetarians, I can only say that it wouldn’t do the climate any harm,” she said, referring to the sizeable amount of energy it takes to raise livestock.

It seems no lasting harm was done, at least for the children: the next day they ate delicious roast rabbit prepared from the butchered bunny.
And they all lived happily ever after...BRING IN THE STEER!!!!!

What does she do on a normal day?

Well, I didn't support the inanity called "Earth Hour." However, in Bulgaria, this lady was into it. She supported limiting the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by increasing her contribution of same...unless of course, she usually spins more fire hoops than the ones shown above on a regular basis. (Reuters Photo)

Also, I'm officially calling "SHENANIGANS" on Singapore and the Boston Globe. Let's go to the tape:

The Boston Globe has a collection of photographs from around the world that shows the response to "Earth Hour." It's the usual crap of nudniks holding candles and other nonsense. However, there are a number of skyline landscape photos that are "before and during." It is supposed to show the contrast of the artificial light. Each of these is identical in that the "before" photo rests on the top, and the "during" photo is on the bottom.

The Singapore photos, however are labled like this:

Here, two photos of the Singapore financial district.
(Reuters / Tim Chong)
Uhhhh....yeah...I don't see any difference other than the "during" photo might be a little brighter thanks to artficial illumination.

Singapore, obviously, gets the "SHENANIGANS" call due to claims of massive participation, which is questionable from the Globe's photos. If you visit the link to the News Asia site just above, enjoy their two photographs. It's funny how the lights that are on seem to be...well...filtered.

The Boston Globe gets the "SHENANIGANS" call due to their comments not stating the obvious. In every other "before" and "during" sequence, they note the difference. In the Singapore shots they only note "two photos of the Singapore financial district." Disingenuous at best...

It just keeps getting better (Harold Koh nomination)

JUDGES should interpret the Constitution according to other nations' legal "norms." Sharia law could apply to disputes in US courts. The United States constitutes an "axis of disobedience" along with North Korea and Saddam-era Iraq.

Those are the views of the man on track to become one of the US government's top lawyers: Harold Koh.

President Obama has nominated Koh -- until last week the dean of Yale Law School -- to be the State Department's legal adviser.
I'd be curious to see which flag Harold Koh would salute as he passed the front display of the United Nations building.

Obama's nomination of this "one man appeasement factory" is a signal that it won't be long until the current administration starts pushing for the United States to become a practicing member of the ubiquitous World Criminal Court. Not long after that the US Military will be under attack by just about anyone who can draw up a Summons & Complaint and deliver a subpoena.

But, now consider the recent passage of a proposal presented by Muslim nations to make it a Human Rights violation to "defame" religion. The United Nations has served up the ball. Let's see who swings, and who gets out of the way. Nominating Harold Koh to serve as the Foggy Bottom's legal advisor demonstrates that Obama is winding up to swing for the fences.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Daft or Destructive?

I'm not sold on either of the choices...YET...but it has to be one or the other. The continued acts and applications are adding up.

Dumber than a box of rocks...

ALBANY -- Personal income taxes for the upper middle class and the rich are about to skyrocket under a secret, soak-the-wealthy tax deal reached last night by Gov. Paterson and leaders of the Legislature, sources told The Post.

The two-tier tax plan would bring in $4 billion annually, in part by hiking income taxes a stunning 31 percent for all New Yorkers making more than $500,000 a year, the sources said.

Has anyone ever noticed that Liberals are quick to point out that the decimation of the Two-toe Striped Tickle Fish will effect the ecosystem in such a way that all other animals are put under hardship? You know...predators have nothing to eat...and so on up and down the line?

Why is it they have a disconnect on trickle down economics? New York is about to lose their tax base altogether with this idiocy. New Jersey and Connecticut, however, are about to receive an influx.

Palestinian youth orchestra disbanded after playing for Holocaust survivors (IHT)

JENIN, West Bank: The Palestinian authorities disbanded a youth orchestra from a West Bank refugee camp after it played for a group of Holocaust survivors in Israel, a local official said Sunday.

Adnan Hindi of the Jenin camp called the Holocaust a "political issue" and accused the orchestra's conductor, Wafaa Younis, of unknowingly dragging the children into a political dispute.

He added that Ms. Younis had been barred from the camp and that the apartment where she taught the 13-member Strings of Freedom orchestra had been boarded up.
Yeah...the peace process in Gaza is going to happen.

Palestinian authorities are BIGOTS, HATEMONGERS, & UNREASONABLE ENVY DRIVEN JACKASSES!!!!! Anyone who supports their childish and asinine behavior is similarly categorized into that neat little niche...JACKASSES ONE AND ALL.

Carry on...

UPDATE: A very cursory and non-comprehensive search will reveal in a period of less than 10 minutes that Palestinians have received more than $14 Billion in financial aid (that's money...not food, supplies, medical equp.) in the last seven years. Considering there are 1.5 million "Palestinians"...that's nearly $10,000 per individual. And yet, they live in "ghettos" and "slums."

Documented US financial aid to Palestine (cursory...and missing quite a bit I'm sure)
2002 $72,000,000
2003 $134,484,000
2004 $74,558,000
2005 $274,400,000
2006 $150,000,000
Other: 2004-2005 $716,000,000
$30,000,000 Australia 2007
SUBTOTAL 1,451,442,000

Pledged 2009: $5,200,000,000 (Palestine only requested $2.8 Billion)
SUBTOTAL: $6,651,442,000

$7,400,000,000 (Paris donors conference for Palestinian Authority‘s President Mahmoud Abbas)

TOTAL: $14,051,442,000 (since 2002 and not inclusive of all contributions)


Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Mirth Hour" Any questions?

Celebrating Earth Hour as a Family
Earth Hour Contrarianism..."Mirth Hour" on a shoe string budget
Turn off your match your mental acuity

I reckon you're an OUTLAW, son...

09 LC 94 1031

House Resolution 673

By: Representatives Heard of the 114th, Murphy of the 120th, Smyre of the 132nd, Heckstall of the 62nd, Randall of the 138th, and others


Honoring President George W. Bush on becoming the 43th President of the United States and recognizing President George W. Bush as an honorary lifetime member of the Georgia Legislative White Caucus; and for other purposes.

WHEREAS, on January 20, 2001, George W. Bush became the 43th President of the United States and the forty-third caucasian to hold this most important and powerful of world positions; and

WHEREAS, prior to becoming president, George W. Bush faithfully and diligently served as the Texas Governor from 1995-2001.

WHEREAS, President George W. Bush was a highly distinguished member of both the sState of Texas and United States and has a long and distinguished career as a public servant and representative of the people; and

WHEREAS, the Georgia Legislative White Caucus is a nonprofit charitable and educational organization established in 1973 with a vision to set the standards for white legislators and other political leaders in the years to come and to boldly assert the power of the white vote and the power of the white voice: and

WHEREAS, the primary purposes of the Georgia Legislative White Caucus are to promote the general welfare of minorities and other citizens of Georgia in matters of health, welfare, education, criminal justice, employment, and economic development; to stimulate professional and intellectual growth; and to advance the study and implementation of solutions to the problems of all citizens of the great State of Georgia; and

WHEREAS, throughout his political career, President George W. Bush has enjoyed an unimpeachable reputation for integrity, vision, and passion for public service, and no one could be more worthy of special honor and recognition by the members of this body and the Georgia Legislative White Caucus than this extraordinary leader.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES that the members of this body recognize President George W. Bush as an honorary lifetime member of the Georgia Legislative White Caucus; join in commending him for his exceptional service to his community, this state, and our nation; and congratulate him on becoming the 43rd President of the United States.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the members of the National White Caucus of State Legislators and other state white legislative caucuses are urged to adopt similar measures recognizing the extraordinary achievements of President George W. Bush.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Clerk of the House of Representatives is authorized and directed to transmit an appropriate copy of this resolution to the chairman of the Georgia Legislative White Caucus, Senator Emanuel D. Jones; the president of the National White Caucus of State Legislators, Representative Calvin Smyre; and to the President of the United States, George W. Bush. error. This must be the one from 8 years ago. Here's today's copy.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Turn off your match your mental acuity

Edward Norton:I am encouraging people toturn off their lights for one hour on March 28th at 8:30 p.m. – EarthHour – and join tens of millions of people around the world in the largest call to action on climate change in history. Earth Hour sends a powerful message to the world that we must act urgently before it’s too late. By turning out the lights, Americans will be casting a vote for action.”

The Worm is recommending "Mirth Hour" on the cheap...

Tim Blair (Australia) is proudly inviting you to participate in the "Hour of Power."

Kate (Small Dead Animals-Canada) lights the propane torches and space heaters in a Ceremonial Banishment Of The Snows!!!

Ironically, Desmond Tutu seems to support both sides of the issue:

Desmond Tutu:Earth Hour is an opportunity for every man, woman and child from all corners of the globe to come together with a united voice and make a loud and powerful statement on the issue of climate change.”
Ok...I have no idea who this next one is...but I enjoyed the obtuse vapidity so much I had to include her/him:

Jo Dee Messina: “Earth Hour is such a great campaign. It lets something as simple as flicking a light switch become so much more. Earth Hour reminds everyone that if we all put in a little effort, we can achieve big results.”
This would be an absolutely fantastic offering in sarcasm...but Jo Dee is being serious. Jo Dee sounds like someone that would chase the red dot created by a laser pointer.

Linkin Park: “Climate change is a crisis affecting the world right now, negatively impacting the Earth’s ecosystems and the strength and frequency of climate-related disasters such as drought, flooding, and catastrophic storms. Earth Hour is an opportunity for individuals to come together with one voice and declare that we are ready to tackle this critical issue head on.”
Bravo...bravo...ummm...I guess this means that Linkin Park is going acoustic...yeah, that will sell! *snort*

But hey...think of all the freight costs you'll save not having to lug all this around; Audio-Technica Artist Elite Series AEW-T6100 mic/transmitters, with AEW-R5200 dual receivers; Shinoda (main and spare), Bennington (main and spare); Audio-Technica AEW-DA550C with ATW-A49 antennas; Digidesign D-Show Profile, with onboard Waves Live Bundle, Digidesign All Access package, URS comps and Serato plug-ins; 12 Adamson Y18 per side with four Adamson Y10s as underhangs, two clusters of four SpekTrix boxes flown in the mother grid for sidefill, 16 Y10s per side for side hang, eight Spektrix per side; 16 Y10s; XTA processors and Lab.gruppen amps; 12-inch Motion Computing table PC running XP Pro; 10-processor XTA network; two Vestax turntables, a Vestax digital hybrid mixer, Line 6 distortion effect, Pioneer EFX 1000, M-Audio Trigger Finger, Rane Serato Scratch LIVE interface and a Mac; eight M-Audio Trigger Fingers and a Mac running [Native Instruments'] Kontakt as a Pro Tools plug-in; dbx 160A compressor into a SansAmp PSA-1 preamp into an Ampeg SVT Classic amp into two 8x10 cabinets; SansAmp RBI preamp; XL cabs (with built-in stereo direct outs) loaded with vintage 30s at a 16-ohm load; Audio-Technica mics: 4047s and 4050s;Audio-Technica wireless units and antenna combiners; Audio-Technica AE2500 and a Shure Beta 91; snare top and bottom, Shure SM57s; hi-hat, A-T ATM 450; toms, A-T ATM 350s; ride, A-T AE5100; overheads, A-T AT4050s; talkback mics, A-T ATR 20s.

Backstreet Boys: Turn off your bedroom lights and light some candles. Unplug the electric and serenade your sweetheart with an acoustic guitar ballad instead. Forget the microwave and indulge on that huge bowl of Captain Crunch you’ve been craving. You know that’s what we’ll be doing. Not necessarily in that order though.” know, they pick Captain (sic) Crunch off of these rare Indonesian bushes and just pop them in the box after a quick rinse. Or maybe...they throw about 40 base ingredients into a vat with preservatives and bake the corn mixture in open ovens (rather inefficiently I might add).

By the're curious why I started this post off with Edward Norton...right? He's on Larry King Live tonight pushing everyone to turn off their lights, and according to some stuff I've read, he is comparing the effort (of flicking out one's lights) to the Civil Rights Marches in Selma. Also, I find the whole environmental movement rather facist in its insistence, and treatment of why not a photo of Norton sporting a swastika?

Pam Meister at Big Hollywood has more.

This will work...I'm sure of it...

The influx of toxic waste from 17 European countries has contributed to a decline in oxygen in the water. This in turn has created high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide gas in the sea.

But if hydrogen could be harvested from this poisonous gas, it could mean a new form of clean energy for Europe, researchers say.

"We need clean energy, and we have a pollution problem," said study co-author Mehmet Haklidir of the Tübitak Marmara Research Center in Gebze-Kocaeli, Turkey.

Taking hydrogen from the contaminated sea can both be a renewable source of energy and combat pollution, Haklidir said.
Ummm...I'm no genius, but I have watched in wonder as my cat chases her tail with glee.

I suppose you could consider this a renewable energy source as long as you encourage those 17 European countries to step up their production of toxic waste. Let's hope that the removal of hydrogen from the hydrogen sulfide is a simple and non-energy consuming process.

In thermal decomposition—the most direct process—scientists could use temperatures of about 1,472 to 2,732 degrees Fahrenheit (800 to 1500 degrees Celsius) to remove the hydrogen.

As for storage, the gas could be kept naturally in underground caves, which are plentiful in Turkey's Black Sea region.
I'm sorry...but I find this funny. You use signficant energy to heat the hydrogen sulfide in order to create new energy. Again, the image of my cat chasing her tail emerges.


But, they aren't finished yet. No, sir. Then, the hydrogen is going to be stored in the natural caves of Turkey's Black Sea region. I think I saw this one already, and I don't think the Coyote will come out on top this time either.

I admire the optimism…but grimace at the naïveté

Horowitz made the prediction while speaking to a George Washington University student group, after being asked about the possibility of U.S.-Iranian conflict. In the event of such a terror attack against the American homeland, Horowitz predicted, there will be widespread public outrage against U.S. liberals.
Guess again on the widespread outrage against liberals.

This is the same country that sat by while Jamie Gorelick parked herself on a commission pointing fingers at the Bush Administration for letting 9/11 occur. Jamie Gorelick was instramental in putting up a wall and enhancing the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). She issued a memo in March of 1995 as Deputy Attorney General under the Clinton Administration and Attorney General Janet Reno specifically instructing then-FBI Director Louis Freeh and United States Attorney Mary Jo White that for the sake of "appearances" they would be required to adhere to an interpretation of the wall far stricter than the law required (Opinion Journal).

In short, the commission was made up of individuals who held far more obvious responsibility for 9/11 than those they tried to target. The media more than did their part to support the farce.

My point is simple. Congress is run by the Democrats. The current Administration is run by the Democrats. The current opposition is a sorry sack of spineless do-nothings with limited exceptions. A terrorist attack could occur tomorrow with devestating and horrible consequences...and only one target would emerge from the drama queen commission that would be sure to be set up in haste oozing with partisan accusatory figure heads.

George W. Bush would be their mark. Conservatives would be a generalized cause based on what the media would spin. The spin would paint every true Conservative as intollerant and supportive of policy that created animosity with what Mark Steyn defines as "future facebook friends."

The fencesitting, wind-blowing moderates would gravitate away from the Right to avoid getting lumped in with the falsely and vapidly accused Conservatives. This happens time and time again with no alteration in opposing strategy from the Right. Rarely, does the Left hold such an all encompassing control and power as they do now (Congress, President, and Media). It would be a cakewalk for them instead of a perp walk.

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva gets a cookie...

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was stunned at a press conference yesterday when Brazil's president told him "white people with blue eyes" caused the world's financial crisis.

"I am not acquainted with a single black banker," the outspoken Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said after greeting Brown in Brasilia.
Let's go to the tape...

I'll be damned...he NAILED IT!!! (not bad for a Socialist nutbag bigot)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Earth Hour Contrarianism..."Mirth Hour" on a shoe string budget

Earth Hour is Saturday at 8:30pm...or something like that. Mirth Hour is all year long...

Not everyone can afford to turn the space heaters and the air conditioning on that the same time. Sure, it makes a point, but it also makes a dent in the wallet. It's imperative that we all have the opportunity to express ourselves convincingly regardless of our financial status. "Mirth Hour" should be enjoyed by everyone with equal enthusiasm. You need not burn the carbon out of a Vanquish S V-12 to receive the rapture and bliss of knowing you, personally, nullified the empty environmental gesture of an entire village. Hell, we can take care of that with things laying around the house:


1. Burn your trash in an open receptacle. Should you live in an urban environment and worry about Gore-acolytes ratting you out to the nearest leaf eating disciple…simply offer to burn their trash as well. Tell them you have an uncle living in Mozambique who will gladly plant a Baobab on their behalf…maybe two.

BONUS: If you really do have an Uncle living in Mozambique…call him and ask him to cut one down instead...maybe two.

2. Mow your grass. If you live in that part of the world in which Winter has disallowed you anything good to cut…mow your grass anyway. If you don’t have headlights on your mower…mow your grass. You’re likely to take out that nice sapling that you really didn’t want cluttering up your make-shift putting green in the process. Double win.

BONUS: Get junior working the Weed-Wacker. I’ve seen teenagers operating a Weed-Wacker before. Nothing’s safe.

3. Fireworks. Face it; you have some left over from the last fireworks friendly holiday. You want to make sure you get plenty of cadmium, lithium, antimony, rubidium, strontium, lead and potassium nitrate into the immediate area. You want to find the fireworks that have lots of blue in them. Those are loaded with dioxin. If you don’t have anything at home, and can’t find someone willing to sell you any at a reasonable off-season price, just load up a toilet paper roll with black powder and close both ends with wax.

BONUS: If those same Carbon Cultists come a-knockin’ sporting a scowl and a lecture, I’ll give you bonus points if you light off a green one and tell them that your pyrotechnics are environmentally friendly.

4. Road flares make a nice decorative display to line your sidewalk. The solar storing lamps are so dim and uninspiring. Remember, this is a celebration of…saving…or something. And, here’s a fun fact: Road flare ignition releases thirteen (13) separate chemicals into the air that ought not to be there.

BONUS: Attach a good supply of road flares tip to tip to a giant pinwheel. Then, attach the center of the wheel to a rubber strap that hooks onto the standard sized fan belt of the least fuel efficient automobile that you own (Author’s note: late model cars engines are too compact. Find something old and still made of metal). Affix the rubber strap to the fan belt and create your own Iridium Wheel of Wonder.

5. Visit your most environmentally conscious tofu munching neighbors during Earth Hour and pretend to lose a contact lens. Now, upon announcing the tragic event you can either require that someone throw on a light, or you can take great satisfaction in ordering no one to move for the next hour.

BONUS: Extra points for pretending to find your contact lens, and immediately requesting that you neighbor boil some water to sterilize it before returning it to your orb. Master designation if you get them to make coffee while you wait.


A friend of mine just suggested:

"Why not just burn a freakin' truck tire and be done with it?"

Universal National Healthcare now exists...

Cambridge Health Alliance and Boston Medical Center are the two largest safety-net hospitals in the state, serving large numbers of poor patients covered by MassHealth, and they will receive $120 million of the $160 million in stimulus money going to hospitals in the fiscal year beginning in July. Both had said they would eliminate jobs, close programs, and consolidate other services after state budget cuts were made last fall.
You know that train wreck of an experiment in universal health care initiated by the State of Massachusetts? Well, with the application of Federal Bail Out funds, the failed experiment is now a national experiment.

Increase your word power...again

Recession means hard times for struggling artists

WASHINGTON: Artists, too, are singing the blues in these economic hard times, telling Congress that layoffs and art organization closures are hurting communities across the country.

Representatives of the arts industries told a House committee that the repercussions of the recession go well beyond musicians having to put down their guitars and get "real" jobs. They affect people who comprise 1.4 percent of the American labor force and generate $166 billion in economic activity every year.
In clarification, the Associated Press employs a journalist (who wrote this piece). Said journalist points out in the byline that "stuggling artists" are in for "hard times."

In the interest of helping journalism find its feet:


Main Entry: strug·gle
Function: intransitive verb
Inflected Form(s): strug·gled; strug·gling \-g(ə-)liŋ\
Etymology: Middle English struglen
Date: 14th century
1 : to make strenuous or violent efforts in the face of difficulties or opposition
2 : to proceed with difficulty or with great effort


Chances are, an editor chose the byline, and as usual with the Associated Press, it does not represent the story. In fact, the story reflects the downturn of throw away capital by corporate art buyers and how that effects the industry overall. "Stuggling" artists probably haven't even noticed that we are in a Recession...Carry on...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Al's Opus in the works...

NEW YORK (AP) — Nobel laureate's Al Gore's follow-up to his best-selling "An Inconvenient Truth," originally planned for last spring, is coming out this fall with a new title.

Publisher Rodale Books announced Tuesday that the former vice president's book, "Our Choice," will be released in November, printed on 100 percent recycled paper. The book, which proposes solutions to the global warming crisis documented in "Inconvenient Truth," was called "The Path to Survival" when first announced two years ago.
As a concerned citizen, I would suggest a single copy to be passed around instead of the 100% recycled paper. However, I reserve the right to reverse my position should the alarmists take away my "soft toilet paper."

Is there a word for "super duper hypocrisy?"

While these actions can help to get us out of crisis, we cannot settle for a return to the status quo. We must put an end to the reckless speculation and spending beyond our means; to the bad credit, overleveraged banks and absence of oversight that condemns us to bubbles that inevitably bust. Only co-ordinated international action can prevent the irresponsible risk-taking that caused this crisis. That is why I am committed to seizing this opportunity to advance comprehensive reforms of our regulatory and supervisory framework.
This is my favorite paragraph from President Obama's OpEd. running in today's Times of London in advance of the G20. Apparently, a Trillion $ budget proposal and the bail out bonanza don't qualify as "spending beyond our means." The "absence of oversight" probably doesn't refer to the Democrat party throwing up obstacles to each attempt to reel in Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. That "bubble" he refers to probably has nothing to do with the toxic assets created by forced sub-prime loans crammed down the banking industries throats by dangling profits. The teleprompter must have written this piece...the bastard.

The world responds:

No, Mr Obama, the crisis was not caused by 'irresponsible risk-taking'. It can be traced DIRECTLY to your Party's Community Reinvestment Act that forced banks to lend money to people based not on their ability to repay but on the colour of their skin. Do you have the moral courage to repeal the CRA?
BaiDaLong, Beijing, China

The only Pesident elected on a slogan taken from a childrens' programme. Bob the Builder - Can we build it? Animated machines - Yes we can!

The Obaminable Shownman who refuse to prove his credentials. Hopey-hopey, Changey-changey.

Yeah, right.

Corin, Wolverhampton,
Bob the Builder meets Barry the Meddler...

Define "charity"...

An orphanage run by a British charity in Bangladesh has been raided by local security forces who say that it was being used as a training camp and arms factory for Islamic militants.

The Rapid Action Battalion said today that it had arrested four people, including a teacher and three caretakers, and was searching for the head of the charity, a British citizen known only as Faisal.

The arrests came after a raid yesterday on the Green Crescent madrassa and orphanage on the remote southern island of Bhola, Lt Col Munir Haque, an officer involved in the operation, told The Times.
Semantics...terrorists have been manufacturing orphans for years.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bring a Bigger Hammer...(OUTLAW)

I’ve been following, with interest, the various posts on Protein Wisdom related to the application of “community perception.” Essentially, it burrows down to selective interpretation followed by malicious accusation (purposeful misrepresentation) in the form of a means to realize a goal (usually maginalizing the messenger or distracting from the uncomfortable issue at hand). “Communities” have escalated their self-proclaimed position of “victim” to a higher level that allows them to control the discourse from both sides of the discussion.

Words are levied by a party to which they may be ideologically diametrically opposed. The words are twisted or interpreted to reflect badly on the speaker with nothing to support that position other than conjecture or just pure malevolent application. Having no context or insight into the line of thinking used by the original speaker leaves the receiver significantly uninformed and unable to make the association between the comments and racism, sexism, xenophobia…or any number of different labels. Even more egregious is when the "victim community" does, indeed, know the intent of the speaker (that happens to be innocuous) and still takes false offense in an effort to enlist more indignation from peers towards that person(s).

I had touched on this a while back. Do you think this is racist?

Question: How is a Mexican like a billiard ball?

Answer: The harder you hit them, the more English you get out of them.
I used the "joke" in discussing the then President-elect’s propensity to apply the “race card” in the face of criticism. Actually, he applied the “race card” in advance of the criticism so as to discount anticipated opposition and marginalize the messenger. This is just another example of a “community” (in this case, a minority), attempting to control both sides of the discussion. The opposing view’s message is shaped by the “victim” to reflect racism. The sole authority receives that enlightenment based only on his skin shade. It is patently dishonest most of the time. It is blatantly ignorant all of the time.

Here’s a more recent example:

The group contends it is a patriotic organisation that seeks to ensure US immigration and border security laws are enforced. But critics contend Minutemen are racist vigilantes who use intimidation and harassment against immigrant rights activists.

"If they were people of colour, they would be labelled a gang," said California assemblywoman Lori Saldana, a San Diego Democrat. Saldana said she has been repeatedly harassed by group members at public events in her district.
The irony here is astounding, and is only outdone by the ignorance of Assemblywoman Saldana. She is acknowledging that since the "Minutemen" are white, they must be racist. However, if these "Minutemen" were "people of colour"...they would be labelled a gang. In other words, a higher level of melanin in the dermis dictates what a person is thinking, and what motives are held. Assemblywoman Saldana formed an opinion based on her own prejudices and preconceived devisiveness, then presented it to the rest of us as fact while being the interpreter of her own position, as well as that of a group of individuals whom she never met. But, the quote doesn't stop there. It, also, entangles every other person figuratively sitting on the side lines. All whites would call the "people of colour" a gang. All "people of colour" would agree with her "factual" representation of the scenario.

In fact, the outright generalization and uninformed conclusions of Assemblywoman Saldana prove her own...racism. Yet, she controls the conversation from both sides, and in the peanut gallery, so no one (not of colour...presumably albinos) can argue against her. Anyone trying would be discounted and marginalized based on the lesser amounts of melanin in their dermis.

Basically, we're screwed when it comes to "community interpretation." Ironically, it was a Reagan appointee to the Highest Bench that screwed us. In Harris v. Forklift Systems (1993), Sandra Day O'Connor presented her comments on a run of the mill sexual harrassment case, and solidified the righteous indignation into our law.

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor went on to say that as long as the environment could “reasonably be perceived, and is perceived, as hostile or abusive there is no need for it also to be psychologically injurious.”
What this means is that the "victim" of sexual harrassment defines whether it is offensive. I shutter when a litmus test for offense is reflective of what is "reasonably perceived" because so many these days are not by any stretch of the imagination...reasonable. Reasonable qualities require individual contemplation and constructive evaluation. However, generalities, group think, and indoctrined agenda driven messages have become more and more commonplace. The "community interpretive" crowd thrives in such a polar ideological environment. When you lose the concept of rugged individualism and introspective evaluation, you lose the ability to form well thought out and honest opinion. We end up in a society of "us" against "them." The critical thinkers end up being villainized by both sides when they stray from the consensus mentality.

Here is a prime example of "community interpretation" making an unfounded determination of "racism" despite the denials of the advertiser.

The advert for a chocolate and vanilla bar shows Obama standing in front of the US Capitol Building with the caption, Everybody's talking about it - Dark in White.
What it comes down to is that Russia has not yet succumb to the eternally offended mentality.
The company which produced the advert has defended itself, saying the image is not consciously or unconsciously racist.

Voskhod advertising agency said: "We see nothing wrong with this... We believe pointing to race is not racism.

"With our ad we are celebrating the fact there is a black president in the White House."
The only thing missing from the equation is the motive of those complaining and identifying racism. They don't gain standing or derail an opposing candidate. What they do, however, is promote the scheme such that it becomes commonplace, accepted, and applicable in just about any situation the "interpretive community" desires.

The "interpretive community" is pervertedly propped up at every turn by the media. They are, definitely, complicit in the propogation. In this particular example, Sky News went to "anti-racism NGO, Sova.

Alexander Verkhovsky of anti-racism group Sova, based in Moscow, told Sky News: "Violations of political correctness in Russia are clearly acceptable and adverts like this just reinforce ethnic divisions.

"The fact this is a mainstream advert is potentially dangerous - the image is not aggressive in itself - but it can foment prejudice in a more insidious way."
"Violations of political correctness" should tell you all you need to know. How do you violate an ideology that differs from one person to the next? Well, first you throw a far-left thought police type non-governmental organization into the mix. They'll think for you...speak for you...and reason for you. They will tell you what you mean, and strike out at you with accusations should you have the audacity to have a differing view. Perestroika wasn't all fuzzy warm dreams and mounds of candy. With the freedoms come those who strive to tear them away in the name of that same concept. Everyone has the God given inalienable right to be a stark raving idiot, I suppose.

Earlier this month, Politico highlighted a fine example of psychic intent determination in a rather underhanded way:

Clyburn: Zimbabwe crack "beyond the pale"

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) told me he thinks S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford's quip comparing President Obama's stimulus package to Zimbabwe's economic policies are "beyond the pale" — and suggested they might carry a racial subtext.

"For him to compare the president of this country to Mugabe. ... It's just beyond the pale," said Clyburn, who has sparred with Sanford over the Republican's refusal to accept all the state's stimulus funding.
What's so disingenuous, you ask. Well, in the byline the word "crack" implies a negative connotation about the delivery of the "offender." This is an attempt by the writer to shape opinion. The same applies in the use of the word "quip." The word "comments" would have sufficed in each case, and would not have tried to imply wrong doing or...cheeky intent. And, Sanford did NOT compare President Obama to Mugabe. He compared the stimulus plan to the Zimbabwe economy. Their inflation rate last July was at a rate of 231 Million percent. Clyburn moved the argument away from the topic intended, and purposefully massaged the words to reflect perceived racism, although I would guess he knew that there was none intended. I would guess, because I can't read Clyburn's mind, just as he can read Sanford's. Politico, however, has no excuse for throwing fuel on the false fire in an effort to show malice.

So, how do you counter this process? What can you do when the very concept has woven itself into a Supreme Court decision in such a way that intent no longer is valid? More importantly, how to you return to a time when offending was bad manners, but not a civil taboo? What has to occur such that the freedom to express one's self isn't snuffed out by a "community's" carte blanche power to assign meaning, create meaning, and diseminate meaning for personal gain, ideological gain, and agenda enhancement?

Personally, I think you bring a bigger hammer.

If they accuse you falsely of racism, go on the offensive and explain that the very accusation indicates that the accuser is at the least, devisive and ignorant, and perhaps, a racist themself. Coordinate the effort such that the blogosphere is innundated with categorical regurgitation of the event(s). WHAT YOU DON'T apologize for no reason. You don't give the standard "I'm sorry if I offended anyone" speech that seems to be the standard procedure of our spinless soup du jour leaders these days. I would even suggest taking it a step further and challenging the legitimacy of any organization if they have such a prevocative and dishonest representative speaking on their behalf. Create an infighting in their house.

You can call this being an "OUTLAW" if you like. I prefer to consider it being honest with one's self, and holding tight to principles, values, and common sense.

For every action there is an equal and opposite...

Now, with Russia itself beckoning and sturdier than before, that time has come.

The government is trying to head off the country's severe population decline by luring back Russians who live abroad as well as their descendants. Mr. Reutov and several dozen other members of his religious community from Uruguay have become among the most striking examples of this policy.
In other news, the number of strippers in the New York metropolitan area has taken a nose dive for some unexplained reason. Similarly, the black car livery availability has plummeted.

Gluttony is bad for you...who knew?

CHICAGO (AP) — The largest study of its kind finds that older Americans who eat large amounts of red meat and processed meats face a greater risk of death from heart disease and cancer.

The federal study of more than half a million men and women bolsters prior evidence of the health risks of diets laden with red meat like hamburger and processed meats like hot dogs, bacon and cold cuts.
Of course, there is the little detail about "how much exercise" the test subject participates in presently, and in the past (shaping the metabolism). There is mention of acknowledgment to family medical history and genetic inevitability, but no details. As in determining a subject's diet, they probably relied on the testee's memory (ahem...elderly test subject alert). But, over all...this is damn good news for the folks up in Washington State and Oregon.

Washington’s Physician-Assisted Suicide Law Takes Effect

The physician-assisted suicide law that goes into effect today in Washington State allows hospitals and doctors to refuse to participate, creating a difficult decision for those who deal with end-of-life care.
On a separate note...we all die. Some of us will do so with a smile. Others will be holding a handful of bean sprouts and rice cakes.

Monday, March 23, 2009

It's the return of the beer bottle bingo boy...

NEW YORK (AP) — A freshman state senator sworn in to office despite allegations he slashed his girlfriend's face with broken glass in a jealous rage has been indicted on domestic assault charges, prosecutors said Monday.

A grand jury in Queens indicted Hiram Monserrate on three counts of second-degree felony assault and three counts of third-degree misdemeanor assault. Arraignment is expected later this week. He faces seven years in prison if convicted on the most serious charges.
I posted about the incident back when it happened (December 19th) and commented on how the NY Daily News somehow misplaced that all elusive word..."DEMOCRAT." It's quite remarkable how that keeps happening. For example, this latest article clipped above is from the Associated Press. Guess what? THEY MISPLACED THE WORD..."DEMOCRAT" TOO!!!

Uh oh...pesky video alert...and lying politician advisory...

Monserrate told police he tripped while holding a glass of water and that the glass accidentally hit Giraldo.

But authorities say evidence, including surveillance videos, painted a picture of a heated argument and a frightened, bleeding woman in distress.
One final time....ready?.....D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T.

Curt Schilling hanging them up...

The game always gave me far more than I ever gave it. All of those things, every single one of those memories is enveloped with fan sights and sounds for me. Without the fans they would still be great memories, but none would be enduring and unforgettable because they infused the energy, rage, passion and ‘feel’ of all of those times. The game was here long before I was, and will be here long after I am gone. The only thing I hope I did was never put in question my love for the game, or my passion to be counted on when it mattered most. I did everything I could to win every time I was handed the ball.
I make no qualms about Curt Schilling being one of my favorite ALL TIME players on the diamond. Seldom do you find someone with such a thirst to win and love for the game, while giving it all he had to help his team accomplish that goal. I'm a Phillies fanatic, which helps explain my appreciation for Schills. I was lucky enough to have season tickets throughout the 1993 season, and as a result took in game 1 of the championship series in which Schilling struck out the first five batters the Braves sent to the plate.

I'd say he'd be missed...but that's not exactly right. I rather Schills went out on his own terms. There is something uncomfortable about a player who has dominated over the length of his career coming back down to Earth towards the rest of us in the final few seasons. By retiring now, I'll remember his contributions to the game, and to my enjoyment of the game in the proper perspective. I won't recall a mediocre fastball over the meat of the plate getting sent out into the stratosphere, or a past All-star battling kids to stay in "the Show." Instead, I'll remember those whistling cannon shots and the splitter where the bottom dropped out right up until he called it a career. 3,116 strike outs...the attitude of a predator...and the heart of a lion.

Good luck Schills...and keep blogging.

Celebrating Earth Hour as a Family

Plant the seed: Help your children plant an indoor spice garden. Not only is this a great way to produce home grown herbs and add flavour to your meals, it also reduces food miles associated with buying food at a grocery store that may have been shipped from thousands of miles away.
I had a college room mate who used to plant herb seeds all the time. We let him go about his business…until we found out that it was, indeed, a business. The last straw was when he started doing lines off the coffee table. We tossed him (literally) out the door into the snow, and never saw him again.

From an environmental point of view, however, I would have to take issue with this suggestion. Planting the herb seed is a nice little gesture. However, the growing lamps in the closet, and the toaster oven used to season the “fruit” uses quite a bit of energy. Then there is the midnight excursion to the local convenience store to stock up on Doritos, Funions, and the like.

Nope…I don’t see the wisdom in this proposal. It seems counterproductive to the usual inane efforts of inconsequence that run rampant in our scaremonger community.

Candle-lit games night: What a great time to get out the board games or play a game of flashlight tag. Get the family gathered for some old fashioned quality time to remind your children that games can be played without a computer or TV screen and that fun can be had with mom or dad.
Incidentally...candles cause global warming...but only the Jewish ones...

And the fun just increases exponentially when you work a little bit of reality into the board game. Imagine that you roll the dice only to see your ever loving thimble land right on double stacked hotels gracing Boardwalk or Park Place. Fear not young ones, and learn from the best. Dip your sticky little hands into someone else’s stash of Monopoly cash and hand it over to the owner of the hotels. After all, there are no repercussions in this world for personal financial mismanagement. If you owe money due to “the roll of the dice” your neighbor will bail you out. Beautiful!!!

BONUS: Pretend you’re G. Gordon Liddy when you reach for your Community Chest card and let the palm of your grimy little hand pause over the candle flame for a bit. You can't overestimate the application of a little intimidation on mindless boardgames. Or refuse to pay the Luxury Tax by inflating your chest and insisting that the other players refer to you as Congressman Rangel.

Family Feud: Nothing like pitting mom against dad and brother against sister in some light-hearted competition to get inspired! Healthy competition, whether it's tracking and comparing the carbon foot print of each household member or creating a family challenge get your household charged, can make saving energy a sport where everyone can win!

Nothing like provoking a little family discord to get the ball rolling. If you’re truly committed, you might raise the bar a bit and consider family honor killings in the event that you have a little trouble maker who doesn’t think we should live in caves. And, let’s be honest…one less consumer is good for the environment.



...and I just had headlights put on my lawn mower. Kismet!!!

Mallard Fillmore...(from the mind of Bruce Tinsley)

I saw this in the New York Post this morning...and found it online at the Jewish World Review. "Mallard Fillmore" rocks when it comes to political cartoons.

Creator, Bruce Tinsley, describes his offerings thus:
"(for)...the average person out there: the forgotten American taxpayer who's sick of the liberal media and cultural establishments that act like he or she doesn't exist," he says.
Thats me !!!!

You bastards are going to kill me...

Not long ago, when infectious-disease specialist Connie Price saw a patient hospitalized with flu at Denver Health Medical Center, she had a powerful weapon at hand: a drug that could shorten the course of the illness and lessen its misery.

Now, the strength of that weapon, Tamiflu, has been undermined by a widely circulating flu strain, type A H1N1, that has developed the ability to resist the drug.
Let me preface this by stating that I am middle aged, and I have NEVER sought out the use of a prescription medication...NEVER. I just don't take them.

I would, also, like to point out that I rarely have any form of illness (maybe a minor cold every five of six years). You pansies need to "man-up" and stop running to Dr. Feelgood every time you get a bit of a twinge in your tummy. The prescription medications being tossed out indiscriminately (and even encouraged by our government) are despicable. Tell do you expect your body to build up a natural immunity and an efficient natural process of fighting disease/ infection/ and heal, if you never give it a chance to adjust, adapt and overcome (as they say in the Marines)?

A virus will evolve in front of your eyes. They have advanced mutation cycles and natural selection allows them to adapt quickly to changes in the host environment. And, as you mambie pampies pour those flu oral analgesics down your throat and acquire your shots to protect yourself, you are only speeding up the evolution of the virus into something much more sinister.

Some day (way too soon) I'm going to have to go head to head with some mutant virus in a fist fight while walking down a dark alley, and it will be your fault.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tufts of crap...

After rejecting a number of candidates with stronger academic records, for example, Tufts admits a student from a blue-collar Italian family who wrote movingly about his love of "food and family" and his relationship with his developmentally disabled brother. The student, who attends a Catholic school and works summers as a golf caddy, is judged a "smidge weak academically" by one reviewer.

But the group clearly takes a shine to him, and admits him unanimously.

"He's really sweet about his bro," Roper-Doten says.

In the most intense debate of the morning, the panel splits over a hearing-impaired student from a rough neighborhood who travels more than an hour to a magnet high school. Her test scores and grades were mediocre, with a B average and C's in English. But she grew up speaking Spanish, reviewers note, and she helped care for her siblings from a young age.

"We've taken kids like this who wind up being president of their class," said Isabel Casariego Bober, 26.

In the context of her background, her scores on the ACT were strong, Bober adds. If she had gone to the high school in her own neighborhood, they agree, she probably would have gotten all A's.
Tufts College is a politically correct cesspool of indoctrination. As noted above, their admission process is certainly no exception. I don't think they realize that by highlighting this idiocy in a Boston Globe article, they aren't necessarily making the college more attractive. Then again, that's the problem...isn't it? These nuanced progressives feel they are doing "good" work by admitting those who didn't quite push themselves far enough academically...while those who did so...get the shaft.

Later, the group wastes little time in rejecting a straight-A student - a Girl Scout, dancer, and peer tutor, to boot. There were plenty of others just like her, says Daniel Grayson, a 25-year-old Tufts alumni on the panel.
Ladies and Gentlemen take my advice...pull down your pants and slide on the ice. And...don't even apply to this drainage ditch of a multiculturism experiment.

Informed speculation...

ROME (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama is using a "new language" in relations with the Middle East and an official overture toward Hamas is only a matter of time, the Islamist group's leader Khaled Meshaal said in a newspaper interview.

"A new language toward the region is coming from President Obama. The challenge for everybody is for this to be the prelude for a genuine change in U.S. and European policies. Regarding an official opening toward Hamas, it's a matter of time," Meshaal told Italian daily La Repubblica in an interview published on Sunday.

The newspaper said Meshaal was reacting to Obama's offer of better ties with Iran, Hamas's main backer along with Syria.
Negotiating with terrorists...fantastic!!!

Incidentally...better ties with Iran is a platitude by Hamas since most of their military training, weapons supply, and financial support under the table comes from the Clerics of Iran. The association is that since President Obama is daft enough to work with Iran on a limited preconitional basis, he must be daft enough to give legitimacy to a terrorist organization. After all...six of one, half dozen of another.

Unfortunately...I believe Hamas is correct in their speculation. The current administration has proved their agenda won't be slowed by petty things such as terrorism, soft Jihad and the lot.

A movie to marginalize your fan base...provided you have one

DID Sean Penn's sympathy for Iran's ayatollahs help cripple the box-office prospects of a recent Harvey Weinstein movie?

Sources say Penn, who traveled to Iran in 2005 and sent wordy dispatches to the San Francisco Chronicle, demanded to be removed from "Crossing Over" because he objected to an "honor killing" scene of an Iranian woman slain by her brother.

The Weinstein Company flick on the immigration issue, budgeted at $20 million, is a multi-plotted drama, like "Traffic" and "Crash," starring Harrison Ford and Ashley Judd. Although Penn shot scenes playing an enforcement agent, sources told Page Six he insisted he be cut from the movie, which has grossed a paltry $292,254 since its release three weeks ago.
Imagine that...a sanctimoniuous piece of excrement dropped out of the sphincter of Hollywood that no one went to see...and a sanctimonious piece of excrement actor doesn't want to be associated with it.

Long live Hugo Chávez!!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

WTC now going for a piece of the pie(s)...

Mega-developer Larry Silverstein is going hat in hand to the Port Authority to help finance long-stalled projects at Ground Zero, according to a published report.

Under the plan, the agency would put up dough for one of the three office towers that Silverstein is developing at the site, which has languished in a series of costly delays since 9/11, possibly in exchange for a piece of the profits later on, according to the Wall Street Journal.
Larry Silverstein gets double his insurance coverage paid to him by nine of the twenty some carriers involved ($2.2 Billion instead of $1.1 Billion)...and the cretin is still trying to get a piece of the bail out(s).

Gosh...I wonder where all those stereotypes come from.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama would be cooler if he didn't have the USA holding him back...

Schneider: Obama begins repairing America's image abroad (CNN)
A fawning piece of hopey change by Bill Schneider CNN Senior Political Analyst back in February.'s that "image problem" look now?

At a two-day meeting to address the economic crisis, European leaders sought to overcome their internal divisions on how to kick start the economy, while firmly rejecting American pressure for greater spending.

Apparently stung by criticism from Washington, Europeans argued that their financial stimulus package — described as 1.5 percent of gross domestic product when it was launched — is, in fact, worth as much as 4 percent.
I'm torn between laughing and hysterical laughter on this. Look for Schneider to do a follow up telling us that the world still loves President Obama in record numbers. It's just the United States that has the image problem. You he did in the first piece linked above...

The world loves Obama. But does the world love the United States?

Pope Benedict XVI needs to get out more...

YAOUNDE, Cameroon (AP) — Religion must reject violence, Pope Benedict XVI told Muslim leaders Thursday before celebrating an open-air Mass in front of thousands and delivering a message of hope for Africa's expanding, vibrant Catholic flock.
In other news:

S.Korean tourists killed in Yemen blast

A Saudi judge has ordered a woman should be jailed for a year and receive 100 lashes after she was gang-raped...

RADICAL Muslims warned of a “war of Islam” against the UK population in a backlash to the treatment of protesters during an anti-war protest in Luton.

Latest reports indicate that approximately 500 girls a year have their genitals mutilated in Britain.

Increase your word power !!!

The Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act, known as the GIVE Act -- sponsored by Reps. Carolyn McCarthy, D-N.Y, and George Miller, D-Calif. -- was approved by a 321-105 vote and now goes to the Senate.

The legislation, slated to cost $6 billion over five years, would create 175,000 "new service opportunities" under AmeriCorps, bringing the number of participants in the national volunteer program to 250,000. It would also create additional "corps" to expand the reach of volunteerism into new sectors, including a Clean Energy Corps, Education Corps, Healthy Futures Corps and Veterans Service Corps, and it expands the National Civilian Community Corps to focus on additional areas like disaster relief and energy conservation.
Function: noun
Etymology: obsolete French voluntaire (now volontaire), from voluntaire, adjective, voluntary, from Old French, from Latin voluntarius
Date: circa 1600

1: a person who voluntarily undertakes or expresses a willingness to undertake a service: as a: one who enters into military service voluntarily b (1): one who renders a service or takes part in a transaction while having no legal concern or interest (2): one who receives a conveyance or transfer of property without giving valuable consideration

Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): in·doc·tri·nat·ed; in·doc·tri·nat·ing
Etymology: probably from Middle English endoctrinen, from Anglo-French endoctriner, from en- + doctrine doctrine
Date: 1626

: to imbue with a usually partisan or sectarian opinion, point of view, or principle

Main Entry: "GO SCREW"
Function: transitive verb
Etymology: probably from the south side of Boston (see "southie")
Date: Just about any time you make eye contact up there.

: An alternate form of "go screw yourself," often used hypothetically. An euphemistic reference to performing an anatomically impossible task (excluding Eastern Bloc shotputters during the cold war circa 1945 through 1989 AD) on one's self. Often highlighted by opportune gesticulation and demonstrative signaling.

What would Charlie do???

In the interest of self-preservation and the quest for enternal bliss, I have decided to alway preface tough decisions in the future with the following question:


Tax code as political weapon
Not all Democratic leaders were racing in that direction. Penalizing people with the tax code could be inappropriate, declared Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., chairman of the taxwriting Ways and Means Committee. He said, "It's difficult for me to think of the code as a political weapon."
Well, apparently, it isn't that difficult once you stick your finger up in the air and determine which way the blissful wind of ignorance is blowing.

From: Associated Content:
Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Charles Rangel, has gotten behind legislation to take away 91 percent of the AIG bonus money. Previously, Charles Rangel had been against the idea.

Why not tax the AIG bonus money at 100 percent? Charles Rangel, whose Ways and Means Committee writes all tax legislation, supposes that state and local governments would take care of theCharles Rangel and the AIG Bonus Tax rest.
Word is that Rangel was deep in negotiations last night with Calphalon One®. The company has shown interest in Rangel as new spokesman for the Teflon Infused Anodized Chefs Skillet.

"It's a perfect match." An close aid to the congressman offered anonymously. "Just look at him...nothing sticks...and he obviously loves to eat."
Ummm...there's no link on the quote...because...I made it up.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I want a refund...

Remember when you had to shell out a hole handful of cash to have the Freon in your vehicle's air conditioner removed, and replaced with something more expensive produced by the same manufacturer (whose patent coincidentally had run out at the same time)?

It was all done in the name of saving the planet from the massive man-eating ozone hole. Forget for a moment that Freon is four times heavier than air and couldn't possibly be the cause in the stratosphere. That just confuses the issue. And, while you're at it...forget that the chlorine present in the stratosphere was likely the direct result of evaporating sea water. That' know...not important.

Now...tell me why:

1. 2006 showed the biggest ozone depletion hole ever recorded (a decade after the Freon heist).

2. Tell me why 2008 showed the fifth largest ozone hole ever recorded?

3. Finally...tell me why we wanted to believe we could close up the ozone hole...or why we should try.

"We were surprised to find that the closing of the ozone hole, which is expected to occur in the next 50 years or so, shows significant effects on the global climate," said Lorenzo M. Polvan one of two principle investigators and professor of applied mathematics at SEAS. "This is because stratospheric ozone has not been considered a major player in the climate system. We believe the closing of the ozone hole is likely to have profound impacts on the surface winds and, also likely, to have an impact on other aspects of the Earth's climate, including surface temperatures, locations of storm tracks, extent of dry zones, amount of sea ice, and ocean circulation."
Freakin' scientists are trying to kill us...and I want my money back for the bogus retrofitting so I can enjoy my final days in style.

Random reasoning...AGW

Between 2005 and 2006, 43 international climate experts volunteered to evaluate each of five tipping points, presented here--specifically, judging the likelihood that achieving a tipping point would lead to potentially dangerous global warming.

"Even though there's a lot of uncertainty and ambiguity in the results, our analysis shows these are not low-probability events," lead study author Elmar Kriegler, of Germany's Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, told National Geographic News. me try that:

Even though I didn't see the crocodile eat my golf ball, as it was out of view at the time...I'm pretty certain that one did so, because I can't find it anywhere. You have to keep an eye out for those big lizards here in Minnesota.

These climate creeps are absolutely shameless...

A whole slew of monkeys with loaded pistols...

WASHINGTON — The U.S. House approved a bill Thursday that would impose a new tax on the $165 million paid to bailed-out insurance giant AIG as Senate Republicans stepped up criticism of the Obama administration's handling of bonuses.

The House measure would apply a 90% tax on bonuses given to employees who earn more than $250,000 at any firm that received more than $5 billion in bailout money.
Window appear concerned. The fact remains that the Equal Protection Clause will shoot down this piece of unconstitutional garbage faster than a shotgun levied on a balsa wood glider.

The third test for Equal Protection is the only shot Congress has of keeping this bill intact...and its not a good one in my opinion.

Rational-basis test: the law is constitutional so long as it is "reasonably related" to a "legitimate" government interest.
I'm curious how the Courts will accept the argument that the "legitimate" government interest is congressional incompetence and trying not to look bad. Or perhaps it could be considered quid pro quo (in Chris Dodd's case).

Still, how exactly does an ex post facto law supersede a legitimate contractual obligation reviewed and approved by the sitting committee member of congress and the Treasury Secretary's office? This is further complicated in that CEO Liddy was installed by the keepers who are now second-guessing his decision making.

Jackasses one and all...


I'll bet the more mature Charles Manson is rethinking that swastika tattoo on the forehead...what do you think?

Still nuttier than a PayDay bar...

I'm on it...

Three great ways to combat Climate Change:

1. Bring back shag carpet. Encourage your guests to take off their shoes and scuff across the floor building up a charge of static electricity. Then...touch your neighbor on the cheek and yell..."REMEMBER TO TURN OFF YOUR LIGHTS WHEN YOU LEAVE!!!"

2. In an effort to improve the efficieny and potency of wind farms, it is recommended that you keep myriad industrial sized Hollywood fans available so that when the wind dies down, you just plug those babies in and...*PRESTO*...instant wind.

3. Have a parade led by a feckless idiot!!!!

Actually...that third one isn't mine.


He quoted an article by Anne Roiphe, an American Jewish liberal, which said that witnessing the popularity of Mr. Lieberman in Israel made her feel "as if my spouse had cheated on me with Mussolini."

She added: "We here in America are waiting as of this writing for a government to emerge in Jerusalem, and most of us keep on hoping that its shape will not preclude the peace process, will not doom a two-state solution, will not destroy the hope that our new president brings to the table."
Are there any liberals out there who can reason and evaluate beyond the level of a punch drunk three year old? This "hope" nonsense goes beyond annoying in that I feel pity and sympathy for those shallow and naïve enough to actually believe that this is a tangible and substantial quality.

Of course, for Israel's critics, including those who firmly support the existence of a Jewish state, the problem is not one of image but of policy. They say that four decades of occupation, the settling of half a million Israeli Jews on land captured in 1967, the economic strangling of Gaza for the past few years and the society's growing indifference toward a Palestinian state are all reasons Israel has lost favor abroad, and that no amount of image buffing will change that.
Israel's critics (such as the International Herald Tribune) which published un-vetted Hamas accounts of the latest skirmish in Gaza including inflated casualty reports etc. Or, are we referring to the anti-Semitic jackasses who haunt the halls of the United Nations? Let's not forget the required clarification when the 1967 War is noted by a media organization. Egypt, Jordan, and Syria amassed tanks and soldiers on the Israeli border and started a war in which they had their lunch handed to them. Israel, correctly, expanded their territory in the process. There are know...when you attack someone and lose.

As far as being indifferent to the Palestinians...I would be far from indifferent, and they wouldn't like it. They should be treated reflective of how they treat others. Form your own conclusions on that comment.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A little tired of the RNC inanity...Go on the offensive...

Someone give Chairman Michael Steele a clue.

How difficult would it be for Steele to coordinate a series of nationwide press conferences all scheduled for the same time that included all Republican congressmen, Republican Governors, and invited local Republican State congressmen to make the simple statement that:

1. The Bail Out bonanza was a Democrat throttled legislation that solves nothing...and will increase taxes significantly (or a similar message that your standard third grader can understand)?

2. Point out as taxes increase, it was the Republicans (for the most part) that did not agree with the bail out (the public will be reminded each and every time a new fee evolves or their tax rates increase).

3. Disallow participation by Arlen Specter, Olympia Snow...and the other fence jumpers...instead have likely Republican challengers to their seats do a press conference.

4. Line up localized bloggers from each region to post a video of the press conference in the event that the media tries to ignore or bury it.

5. Prior to setting this up, put together a strategic plan on how the current economic mess should be handled from this point forward...

Finally...and most importantly...


So far, the media has been running interference on behalf of the current administration...and Barney Frank, Chris Dodd etc. At the very least, it will require a response and open a dialogue. Right now, the Democrats look pretty weak due to a non-performing market, and the latest idiocy with AIG. And, each time a new tax pops up, the public will make the association to the bail out nonsense if you explain it in simple enough terms.

Call me curious...

I've been following Gome Electrical in Hong Kong (well...China) because I found their "due process" for the perceived richest man in China interesting and intriguing.

Three months later, Huang and his wife and former co- director, Lisa Du Juan, remain incommunicado, along with Zhou Yafei, Gome’s former chief financial officer, somewhere in China’s penal system, leaving Greaves and his remaining co- directors scrambling to avert the company’s collapse.
Obviously, Gome Electrical had a falling out with the CPPCC, and it is time to make amends.

The survey estimated that migrant workers who returned home jobless accounted for about 15.3 percent of the total, or about 20 million people.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security estimated that China's labor oversupply problems would further exacerbate this year, as 24 million people are looking for jobs. This includes 13 million new job seekers, 8 million laid-off workers and 3 million unemployed workers.
The Chinese government makes it clear that unemployed migrant workers needed to be a priority what did Gome Electrical do?

Home electronics and appliance retailer Gome is planning to hire 20,000 migrant workers to fill up vacancies in its delivery, installation and maintenance divisions.

Gome Vice-president He Yangqing said the company would conduct the recruitment on a nationwide scale. He, however, did not indicate the time frame for the hiring process.
And, they don't have any of those pesky ACLU issues to deal with either.

He Yangqing said his company would look for people below 35 and with a keen eye for work. Gome will provide professional training programs to these migrant workers. The training would be in basic logistics, delivery, installation, maintenance and other professional services jobs.
There are a couple things to consider here. First off, the success of Gome Electrical is tied ever so neatly into the US financial stream...Specifically:

Gome’s investors -- which include Capital Research & Management, a unit of Capital Group Cos., the largest U.S. manager of stock and bond mutual funds; Warburg Pincus LLC; and clients of JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Morgan Stanley -- still can’t trade the suspended stock. All four fund managers declined to comment.
They are, by far, one of the biggest retailers in China. When their founder (and the richest man in China) was disappeared, the stock started to tank. Now, it would appear, in order to appease the communist government, they are taking on a large hiring task of migrant workers (presumably, lower cost labor). Gome Electrical went so far as to hire Ernst & Young LLP as a forensic auditing service to find any account irregularities, and they have found nothing to date.

So...what is really going on? How much stock was frozen? Why won't the US stock and bond traders comment? I'm just curious to know whether it was a pittance or a ransom.

I'm just sayin'...

Obesity can trim 10 years off life (USA Today)

Weighing too much may take as much as a decade off your life, according a new analysis of studies that involved 900,000 people.

Adults who are obese — about 40 or more pounds over a healthy weight — may be cutting about three years off their lives, mostly from heart disease and stroke.

Those who are extremely obese, about 100 or more pounds over a healthy weight, could be shortening their lives by as many as 10 years, the study found. Being extremely obese is similar to the effect of lifelong smoking, says Richard Peto, one of the lead researchers and a professor of medical statistics at Oxford University in England.

Enjoy the tree bark sandwiches...

WASHINGTON: North Korea has rejected American food shipments and asked aid groups to leave the country by the end of the month, the United States and a leading aid agency said, in another sign of tensions as Pyongyang plans a rocket launching that Washington sees as cover for a long-range missile test.

A U.S. State Department spokesman, Robert Wood, said in Washington on Tuesday that the North gave no reason for refusing U.S. food aid. North Korea faces chronic food shortages and has relied on outside aid to help feed its 24 million people since famine reportedly killed as many as two million in the 1990s.
Kim Jong Il wants cold hard cash...not food stocks. The benefit of taking foreign food aid and passing it onto his military is minimal since he already steals the food out of the common citizens' mouth to feed them at present.

You can't buy rocket fuel with a can of SPAM. Besides, he knows that if he waits a bit, he'll get a strongly worded letter from the United Nations, and an appeasement gift of whatever he requests from the current US president in exchange for a double promise handshake not to continue with the development of nuclear weapons.

Giving a cretin a time-out...

As a result, relief groups said, more than one million people are without adequate food, clean water and health care as a meningitis outbreak looms. United Nations workers remain, but Mr. Bashir said Monday that he wanted all foreign relief organizations out within a year. The Obama administration denounced the expulsions. After a meeting with Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations secretary general, Mr. Obama called the Darfur crisis one "that we care about deeply" and said it was important "to send a strong, unified, international message that it is not acceptable to put that many people's lives at risk."
I was always a proponent of corporeal punishment when the unruly are unable to control themselves. However, the "politically correct" do-gooders of our society advocated (and litigated) the position that such actions were "abuse." Actually, they were disciplinary and educational when done in moderation. Having been on the receiving end of such acts growing up (and deservedly so), it didn't take long for me to change my behavior (and keep it changed).

I mention this, because the same faulty philosophy of "child rearing" can be found as the staple of the United Nations...and the new Democrat president:

"The Obama Administration denounced the expulsions."

"...send a strong, unified, international message..."
(a literal written message, mind you)

The UN and President Obama really do think that a murderous, bigoted despot jackass like Bashir will hop-to when he receives a strongly worded reprimand. They are actually giving a tyrant a time-out.

Please name one instance in which a country receiving a strongly worded reprimand from the United Nations has made a difference and resulted in (dare I say it)...change.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Make Durban II an online petition...

States preparing for a highly sensitive U.N. racism conference have removed references to Israel and religious defamation from its draft declaration, potentially clearing the way for Western states to attend.

The amended text, circulated on Tuesday, followed a European Union threat to boycott next month's "Durban II" conference in Geneva unless the declaration wording was changed to keep the meeting from becoming an anti-Semitic forum.
Remember the last one? Mary Robinson just sat on her huge Irish ass while the members of the 57-nation Organisation of Islam and various suspect NGO's proceeded to turn the affair into an anti-Semitic bashing.

Secretary of State Powell walked out.

I'm a bit in the dark as to why such a conference (much less a "sensitive" conference) is required. We all hate racism...right? Good grief...have someone with a laptop do an online petition. All the self-important knuckleheads can sign it (hell, I'll even sign it)...and we can all feel great about the "accomplishment." Because I'll tell you what...that's more than the UN will accomplish at this massive millions affair. And think of all the carbon emissions that can be avoided. DOUBLE WIN!!!!!

Here's the wording of the proposed online petition:

"I won't call my neighbor names that make fun of his lineage...even if the bastard never returns borrowed tools."
Now...on a substantive note...the fact that religious defamation might be off the table sort of puts a damper on the whole anti-blasphemy

I think they sniff the climate model glue...

In this corner...weighing in at 157 lbs...climate modeler at Florida State University...Jumpin' Jianjun Yin!!!!
Sea levels around New York City and much of the U.S. Northeast will rise twice as much as in other parts of the United States this century, according to new climate models (U.S. Northeast map).

Driven by changes in ocean circulation, the rapid sea level rise will bring increased risk of damage from hurricanes and winter storm surges, researchers say.
And in this corner...weighing in at...what's that?...he wouldn't get on the scale? (unintelligible)...umm...uhhh...and in this corner...wearing the white...huh?...ok, ok...wearing the eggshell chiffon trunks...President Barack "Oh, baby" Obama!!!

"The seas will recede. The planet will heal."
On a side note...I don't know if you've been following this...but the Artic will be ice free by...

2008 (oops)
2030 etc.

I have it on pretty good authority that it will be one of those...or some other year...or never. The authority was a six year old playing with a model ('69 Ford Mustang).

More inherently stupid people... support of the concept that "humans are inherently stupid" I highlighted a successful website that catered to dating between "the stupid" and "the criminal." Today:
"They ask me if this (recession) is going to turn around or become even worse," says Morrison, a seer since age 7, when she says she foresaw an aunt's death. "I say chicken pox gets worse before it gets better. Do not panic."

Anecdotal evidence indicates that psychics, astrologers, palm readers, Tarot card shufflers, numerologists and other paranormal specialists have become the rage as investment advisers and brokers appear clueless. After all, if the times aren't normal, why not try the paranormal?
Psst...if you believe this crap, you should have been there a long time ago so that Madame Osmondo could have told you to buy gold by the truck load. Live and learn...