Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thanks for volunteering...

ARLINGTON, Va. - The head of California's air pollution agency urged federal regulators yesterday to reverse a Bush-era decision that blocks the state from setting its own limits on greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles.

Mary Nichols, chairwoman of the California Air Resources Board, told a packed Environmental Protection Agency hearing just outside Washington that if the state is unable to control the gases blamed for global warming from cars and trucks, its other air pollution problems will get worse.
I really have no problem with this. The auto industry just won't sell their wares in California. It will be a nice quaint little state with horse drawn carriages. The "big three" need to tighten their belts and produce a lesser number of vehicles anyway so that demand catches up with supply before they can get back to a profitable nature. I'd like to see GM, Ford and Chrysler absolutely decimate their work staff so that the UAW is basically a non-entity. Then, the "big three" can start from scratch building a limited number of economical and stylish vehicles in limited quantity.

Eventually, demand will dictate profits and dealers won't be able to keep them on the lot. They can start their "do-over" by concentrating on specific markets (read: not California or any other "progressive nonsense" state that emerses themselves in junk science to feel better)

Were California to fall into the Pacific Ocean someday, I wouldn't lose sleep over it.