Friday, March 6, 2009

Who's a betting man?

PLEASED by the International Criminal Court's issuing of an arrest warrant for Sudanese President Omar Bashir, the Obama administration is reportedly reopening the question of whether the United States should join the court.

It's a bad idea: The ICC is as concerned with politics as with justice - and the people it aims to please are often not America's friends.

Yes, Bashir deserves punishment for the waves of massacres he has sponsored. But Washington shouldn't lend any legitimacy to the ICC.

We are going to be hip deep in the International Criminal Court before the end of President Obama's first term. Any takers? Anyone?

Now...let's make it more interesting:

UNITED NATIONS - Islamic countries Monday won United Nations backing for an anti-blasphemy measure Canada and other Western critics say risks being used to limit freedom of speech.

Combating Defamation of Religions passed 85–50 with 42 abstentions in a key UN General Assembly committee, and will enter into the international record after an expected rubber stamp by the plenary later in the year.
An International crime to "blasphemize" Islam. At the moment, it is a non-binding resolution. However:

...Pakistan’s Ambassador Masood Khan reminded the UN’s Human Rights Council this year that the OIC ultimately seeks a “new instrument or convention” on the issue. Such a measure would impose its terms on signatory states.
I'd hate to be hauled before the International Criminal Court for pointing out that Islam is an "oppressive, chauvenistic, and unethical cult that condones murder, conjugal relationships with minors, and slavery?" It's all true in my opinion, but that wouldn't save me from an indictment of blasphemy.

The soft Jihad is wrapped up in everything, and it wouldn't take long before the ICC became a tool of their ambitious goals. The International Criminal Court would fast become an anti-American...anti-Freedom instrument of many of the worst enemies to liberty and true justice.

In his quest to make the rest of the world "feel better" about the United States, I could easily see his influence and efforts used to make us a member state of that kangaroo court.