Monday, March 30, 2009

The perpetually offended...

The group talked about the effort nationally as well as in Michigan to eliminate stereotypes and Native American nicknames and mascots. The move focused on efforts by a woman to change the University of Illinois’ mascot, Chief Illiniwek.

Gary Markowski of Muskegon, a member of the Little River Ottawa tribe, pointed out that the mascots, symbols and dances are insulting to Native American religious beliefs.

“Religion is private for people. This is not an honor; it is a mockery,” he said. “It would be like someone dressing up as a bishop, scattering incense, making a cross sign and then doing a dance.”
What? mean like...the Providence Friar's mascot?


At the same time, the district had a petition drive of its own, both in the district offices and online, in which people could signal support or opposition for changing the name. Superintendent David Pray reported more than 90 percent of respondents favored keeping Redskins as the school’s nickname.
I keep waiting for Playboy playmates to start whining about Oregon State's mascot.