Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama would be cooler if he didn't have the USA holding him back...

Schneider: Obama begins repairing America's image abroad (CNN)
A fawning piece of hopey change by Bill Schneider CNN Senior Political Analyst back in February.'s that "image problem" look now?

At a two-day meeting to address the economic crisis, European leaders sought to overcome their internal divisions on how to kick start the economy, while firmly rejecting American pressure for greater spending.

Apparently stung by criticism from Washington, Europeans argued that their financial stimulus package — described as 1.5 percent of gross domestic product when it was launched — is, in fact, worth as much as 4 percent.
I'm torn between laughing and hysterical laughter on this. Look for Schneider to do a follow up telling us that the world still loves President Obama in record numbers. It's just the United States that has the image problem. You he did in the first piece linked above...

The world loves Obama. But does the world love the United States?