Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tufts of crap...

After rejecting a number of candidates with stronger academic records, for example, Tufts admits a student from a blue-collar Italian family who wrote movingly about his love of "food and family" and his relationship with his developmentally disabled brother. The student, who attends a Catholic school and works summers as a golf caddy, is judged a "smidge weak academically" by one reviewer.

But the group clearly takes a shine to him, and admits him unanimously.

"He's really sweet about his bro," Roper-Doten says.

In the most intense debate of the morning, the panel splits over a hearing-impaired student from a rough neighborhood who travels more than an hour to a magnet high school. Her test scores and grades were mediocre, with a B average and C's in English. But she grew up speaking Spanish, reviewers note, and she helped care for her siblings from a young age.

"We've taken kids like this who wind up being president of their class," said Isabel Casariego Bober, 26.

In the context of her background, her scores on the ACT were strong, Bober adds. If she had gone to the high school in her own neighborhood, they agree, she probably would have gotten all A's.
Tufts College is a politically correct cesspool of indoctrination. As noted above, their admission process is certainly no exception. I don't think they realize that by highlighting this idiocy in a Boston Globe article, they aren't necessarily making the college more attractive. Then again, that's the problem...isn't it? These nuanced progressives feel they are doing "good" work by admitting those who didn't quite push themselves far enough academically...while those who did so...get the shaft.

Later, the group wastes little time in rejecting a straight-A student - a Girl Scout, dancer, and peer tutor, to boot. There were plenty of others just like her, says Daniel Grayson, a 25-year-old Tufts alumni on the panel.
Ladies and Gentlemen take my advice...pull down your pants and slide on the ice. And...don't even apply to this drainage ditch of a multiculturism experiment.