Monday, March 30, 2009

What does she do on a normal day?

Well, I didn't support the inanity called "Earth Hour." However, in Bulgaria, this lady was into it. She supported limiting the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by increasing her contribution of same...unless of course, she usually spins more fire hoops than the ones shown above on a regular basis. (Reuters Photo)

Also, I'm officially calling "SHENANIGANS" on Singapore and the Boston Globe. Let's go to the tape:

The Boston Globe has a collection of photographs from around the world that shows the response to "Earth Hour." It's the usual crap of nudniks holding candles and other nonsense. However, there are a number of skyline landscape photos that are "before and during." It is supposed to show the contrast of the artificial light. Each of these is identical in that the "before" photo rests on the top, and the "during" photo is on the bottom.

The Singapore photos, however are labled like this:

Here, two photos of the Singapore financial district.
(Reuters / Tim Chong)
Uhhhh....yeah...I don't see any difference other than the "during" photo might be a little brighter thanks to artficial illumination.

Singapore, obviously, gets the "SHENANIGANS" call due to claims of massive participation, which is questionable from the Globe's photos. If you visit the link to the News Asia site just above, enjoy their two photographs. It's funny how the lights that are on seem to be...well...filtered.

The Boston Globe gets the "SHENANIGANS" call due to their comments not stating the obvious. In every other "before" and "during" sequence, they note the difference. In the Singapore shots they only note "two photos of the Singapore financial district." Disingenuous at best...