Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh...that's much better...

WASHINGTON — President Obama, in one of his first efforts to "reset or reboot" the nation's icy relationship with Russia, said Tuesday he has told Moscow that the United States might not need to build a controversial missile-defense system in Eastern Europe.

In a letter sent last month to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Obama included a big if — the system could be scrapped, he said, if Iran halted its quest for a nuclear weapon.

Obama said he did not press Russia to exert its influence over Iran or issue a "quid pro quo" for not building the system. "What I said in the letter was, obviously, to the extent that we are lessening Iran's commitment to nuclear weapons, then that reduces the pressure for, or the need for, a missile-defense system," he said.
What's worse than a quid pro quo that bases it's foundation on the voluntary cooperation of Russia? Well...that would be a quid pro quo that bases its foundation on the voluntary cooperation of Iran.

I do believe that our President is wayyyyyyy, wayyyyyyy, wayyyyyyyy out of his league...or his goals are suspect.