Thursday, March 26, 2009

Increase your word power...again

Recession means hard times for struggling artists

WASHINGTON: Artists, too, are singing the blues in these economic hard times, telling Congress that layoffs and art organization closures are hurting communities across the country.

Representatives of the arts industries told a House committee that the repercussions of the recession go well beyond musicians having to put down their guitars and get "real" jobs. They affect people who comprise 1.4 percent of the American labor force and generate $166 billion in economic activity every year.
In clarification, the Associated Press employs a journalist (who wrote this piece). Said journalist points out in the byline that "stuggling artists" are in for "hard times."

In the interest of helping journalism find its feet:


Main Entry: strug·gle
Function: intransitive verb
Inflected Form(s): strug·gled; strug·gling \-g(ə-)liŋ\
Etymology: Middle English struglen
Date: 14th century
1 : to make strenuous or violent efforts in the face of difficulties or opposition
2 : to proceed with difficulty or with great effort


Chances are, an editor chose the byline, and as usual with the Associated Press, it does not represent the story. In fact, the story reflects the downturn of throw away capital by corporate art buyers and how that effects the industry overall. "Stuggling" artists probably haven't even noticed that we are in a Recession...Carry on...