Tuesday, March 10, 2009

USA Today is a bunch of pansies...

Here's the headline:

"First African-American comic book up for auction"

Here's the name of the comic book:

A copy of All-Negro Comics No. 1, as it was called, is up for sale by comics entrepreneur Stephen Fishler.
Am I the only one that finds the irony front and center here?

Our media today is so politically "correct" that they are scared to use the actual name of the comic book in their headline. Incidentally, the comic book was written back in 1947 for a demographic of...um...negroes...blacks...African Americans...Afro-Americans...or whatever nuanced politically "correct" term we are using these days to reflect the amount of melanin found in someone's skin tone.

The founder and creator of the comic book was Orrin C. Evans. Mr. Evans was a reporter of note, and a long time proponent of civil rights. His series of articles for the Philadelphia Record that addressed the segregation of troops during WW II helped end the practice. My point is that the author of the comic book held standing in calling his work All-Negro Comics No. 1. Yet, USA Today is scared out of their britches to use the same term in their headline because it wouldn't be...proper.