Monday, March 23, 2009

It's the return of the beer bottle bingo boy...

NEW YORK (AP) — A freshman state senator sworn in to office despite allegations he slashed his girlfriend's face with broken glass in a jealous rage has been indicted on domestic assault charges, prosecutors said Monday.

A grand jury in Queens indicted Hiram Monserrate on three counts of second-degree felony assault and three counts of third-degree misdemeanor assault. Arraignment is expected later this week. He faces seven years in prison if convicted on the most serious charges.
I posted about the incident back when it happened (December 19th) and commented on how the NY Daily News somehow misplaced that all elusive word..."DEMOCRAT." It's quite remarkable how that keeps happening. For example, this latest article clipped above is from the Associated Press. Guess what? THEY MISPLACED THE WORD..."DEMOCRAT" TOO!!!

Uh oh...pesky video alert...and lying politician advisory...

Monserrate told police he tripped while holding a glass of water and that the glass accidentally hit Giraldo.

But authorities say evidence, including surveillance videos, painted a picture of a heated argument and a frightened, bleeding woman in distress.
One final time....ready?.....D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T.