Friday, December 19, 2008

Beer Bottle Bingo...

Outgoing City Councilman Hiram Monserrate was arrested early Friday after allegedly whacking his girlfriend over the head with a beer bottle, a police source said.
First things first...the NY Daily News missed a word in their story. "DEMOCRAT"...the beer bottle busting blow-hard is a DEMOCRAT. Gosh...that drives me nuts.

Now, outgoing Queens City councilman and DEMOCRAT Hiram Monserrate is no longer employed on the NYC Council. What's the man to do? After all, losing one's job is tough...and the assault arrest isn't going to help his prospects

Monserrate was lauded by colleagues just yesterday - his last day serving on the City Council. He's off to Albany after winning an uncontested race for the state senate seat held by former Sen. John Sabini.
Welcome to the thriving metropolis of NY, my friends.

Here's your cordial...

Monserrate has recently drawn scrutiny for a nonprofit called Libre to which he has directed more than $400,000 in city funds that is run by some of its closest aides and has done political work for him.
Shocking...perhaps the new Senator would like to throw together a tax funded committee to study the unexplained phenomenon of beer bottle headers...Plenty of data.