Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bridge for sale...it's a beaut...

Safer? OK...how many significant terrorist attacks have we had in the United States since 9/11?


Correct...therefore...we can expect negative one (-1) or less attacks over the next four years...And there was much rejoicing among the villagers and peasants.

Incidentally...this comes from the free morning daily that all commuters grab on their way down into the rat infested Manhattan subway. The circulation is higher than any other print medium. Today they read a headline that was an absolute distortion.

As an aside, I suppose you could look at the Beltway Sniper attacks a la Lee Boyd Malvo and John Allen Muhammad as terroristic in nature; and originally it was thought that the motive of the shootings lay in the Jihadist mentality. However, I have two issues with that:

1. The general thinking on that these days is that Muhammad had planned on murdering his estranged wife, Mildred. The shootings were to create smokescreen that would hide that scenario.

2. The snipers were successful in that the Police Chief in charge of the investigation, and his politically correct lackeys refused to look at the possibility that a fellow black individual was doing the deed despite the evidence accumulated. This, of course, tailors nicely with the strategy of accusing anyone who looked at Obama crookedly...a racist.

Yeah...I feel safer.