Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Feeling Blue...unofficially

The numbers have yet to be made official by the Secretary of State's Office, but state Democratic Party officials said yesterday that Democratic registered voters now outnumber Republicans for the first time since New Hampshire instituted party registration 98 years ago.
The Granite State should have built a wall along their southern border. The same ilk that turned Massachusetts into "Taxachusetts" has been gradually moving north like a great festering tide. I lived in New Hampshire for a couple years (eight years ago). I, regularly, attended Town Hall functions and could always pick out the transplants from the Bay State. They always...ALWAYS...had something to whine about, and it rarely corresponded to the business at hand.

I remember one lady in particular...she put on a whole production number about how "rum cake" should be illegal because it gets kids hooked on adult libations. Some of the 'old salts' of the community rolled their did I. We watched her drive away in a Volvo Stationwagon with Mass. plates later that evening. That was up near Concord (mid-state). However, it's quite obvious that the further south you go in New Hampshire, the more liberal the mentality. And, of course, the further south you go, the higher population density (Nashua; Londonderry etc.) Neither is stagnant.

Addendum: New Hampshire is one of those states that allows same day registration. This, understandably, would boost the numbers for Democrats simply because Hanover, New Hampshire houses Dartmouth University, and a strong effort was made to round up voters by "young Democrat" groups. While a few instances of voter fraud might have turned up as a result, I don't think it has been looked at closely enough.

Some Repubican observers were requiring some of these same day registrants to sign affidavits under penalty of perjury that they were indeed residents of the Town of Hanover, and, in doing so, renouncing residency in their 'home' states. The question I would want answered, of course, is as follows:

"How many of these same day registrants (by default, stating that Hanover was their permanent residence) have parents listing them as dependents on their tax returns at a different address (more than likely in a different state)?"