Friday, December 12, 2008

"Fancy Boy" Daschle

Stacy London, host of TLC's hit makeover show "What Not to Wear," gave a thumbs-down to Daschle's glasses.
"While I firmly believe that under President-elect Obama, smart will be the new black, I'm not sure Tom Daschle's glasses qualify," London snarked.
In North Dakota, they probably call him a "fancy boy." Personally, I think Tommy just spent the last few years watching Harry Potter DVD's.

Stacy London? Never heard of her. "What Not to Wear?" Never heard of that either...but I'm know...nuanced. Regardless...I still get a kick out of comments like hers. Obviously, she voted for Obama (based on her "clever" smart/black comment). She is, by association and indirectly, implying that she is smart as well. Maybe she is. I just know that we are in deep excrement when a seemingly serious politician color coordinates his glasses with his neck tie.