Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Get the Popcorn...

BRUSSELS: The European Parliament voted Wednesday to end Britain's exemption from a 48-hour weekly ceiling on working hours, threatening one of the most potent symbols of the country's flexible labor market.

The vote also puts into doubt a carefully negotiated accord on whether the time when hospital doctors are on call should be considered work or rest.
You can always count on bureaucrats to dabble in private business whenever given the opportunity...or in this case...the means.

Here's the thing. The United Kingdom signed onto the European Treaty by vote of Parliament back in June of this year. There was no referendum vote...more than likely due the embarrassing possibility that it would have failed. A number of European countries took that road for the very same reason. Ireland, of course, took a referendum vote, and it DID fail.

I'm wondering how many fine constituents of the United Kingdom swallowed that swill that suggested in no uncertain terms that the EU would not necessarily effect the sovereign decision making for the good of the "country." Small business owners in the UK are probably a little...well...surprised. Working extra hours is the only thing that can keep them afloat...especially in today's economic climate.

Looking back to one year prior to the UK having the EU Treaty forced upon them, only 45% even knew what the EU Treaty was. Those who were aware overwhelmingly wanted a referendum vote. Too late.

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