Monday, December 8, 2008

$715 Grand babysitters...

A half-dozen public-school principals - including some booted from previous posts - are earning six-figure salaries to oversee rooms full of teachers doing nothing, The Post has learned.
I live in the real know that unforgiving land in which a company will keep you if you're an attribute to their goals. Of course, a prerequisite to it all is that you can't assault your co-workers know...hit on minors...those sort of things.

However, in the ever evolving, and truly nuanced New York get to sit in the "rubber room," collect a full salary...and periodially flex your "free agency" and become part of "turkey trades."

A band of city teachers languishing in so-called "rubber rooms" on disciplinary charges are demanding that their temporary reassignment centers be recognized as permanent chapters of their union - just like schools.
Two things:

1. Unions are bankrupting this country.

2. New York City Education is a great example of just how deluded and incompetent Liberalism truly is.

Oh...did I mention that NYC is way, way deep in the red...and getting deeper by the second? All the while...over 700 teachers and administrators sit around day after day doing absolutely nothing...while getting paid.

Angry yet???? How about this?

The New York Post reports (9-30-07) that the number of teachers waiting in the city's rubber rooms has doubled since 2005. Some 757 teachers now clock in to the nearest rubber room, read magazines or watch DVDs all day, and go home. They make between $42,500 and $93,400 a year, for a total cost to the city of about $40 million a year. The city also pays millions more to rent the rooms themselves, and to pay for substitute teachers to replace those in rubber rooms.
Good NON-work if you can get it...huh?