Tuesday, December 9, 2008



From the Warsaw (Poland) Business Journal. Al Gore shows up on Wednesday to give the Gaia Convocation or some such nonsense at the Poznan, Poland World Class Climate Change Circlejerk.

Apparently, snow is going to show up as well, proving that the Gore Effect is not confined to the USA.

Dec 10
Proznan, Poland
PM Light Snow

UPDATE: Great minds run on the same track and all that...Tim Blair of the Daily Telegraph has a quicker mind it seems.

UPDATE #2: *SNORT* The Weatherman just updated as well. There is now a forecast in Proznan, Poland of Snow or Snow/Rain starting Wednesday and going clear through Saturday. WAY TO GO, AL!!!!!!

UPDATE #3: The forecast is now showing snow or snow/rain all the way through SUNDAY. It must have been one hell of a speech. GO AL GO!!!