Monday, December 15, 2008

Curt Schilling's Iraq Experience...

Curt Schilling is one of my favorite MLB pitchers (which is deeply rooted in my Phillies affliction). In short, the guy is a competitor, and he NEVER quits. That attitude is symbiotic with the fact that he hates to lose. It doesn't hurt that he is deeply rooted in a Common Sense approach to politics as well. December 4th through December 6th, he traveled to Iraq and had the pleasure of meeting with a number of gatherings of US Military personnel. In three days, he made 15 stops in Iraq and Kuwait bringing a little Christmas cheer from the diamond.

He provides a listing of organizations and individuals who could use a little Holiday pick-me-up from the States...if you have the chance and the heart...

Read it HERE:

Curt, also, points out a little something else...that has been a constant frustration:

I dare ANY media outlet to print that. I dare you because it’s true. The most powerful message I got over there, from every single soldier, was their extreme disappointment that we are not hearing the facts about what they are doing.

Two analogies I thought were ‘appropriate’ in this context.

A table needs four legs to stand, right now Iraq is standing on 2 of its own, and we’re (Coalition of Allied forces) providing the other two.

A football game with 2 minutes left, right now we have a 3 pt lead, the next year or two will be spent increasing that to 20 or more points. Would you rather play the last two minutes with a 3 pt or 21 pt lead? Which one would you feel was more of a lock?