Thursday, December 4, 2008

"It's only a flesh wound..."

Are you perhaps beginning to get a glimmer of a clue as to why I don't want to be your Facebook friend? Interestingly, even the aforementioned Messrs Hari and Greenwald, while continuing to find me vile and disgusting, regard as an abomination the so-called "human rights" suits you supported. But perhaps you'd genuinely find it less distressing if I stopped calling you "Professor Waggy-Finger" and instead tried to get you kicked out of Ryerson and made it illegal for you to practice whatever the hell it is you practice anywhere in Canada. If so, just say the word.
Mark Steyn kills me...

John Miller (professor of Journalism at Ryerson) keeps getting his posterior handed to him in pieces, while his torso rolls around on the ground, all the while professing that it is "only a flesh wound."

One of my journalism professors had to leave mid-term quite involuntarily when I earned my degree. It seems he was selling cocaine out of his apartment at the time, and the local authorities suggested that he stop (eventually assisting in that endeavor). Being an opportunist, I threw together a solid piece covering the arrest for the school paper that put the local "real" papers to shame.

It was shortlived, however. The replacement of those John Miller types...drew an inverted pyramid on the blackboard and asked in a condescending tone if anyone could possibly understand the significance.

I might have contributed to the response by stating that it was "the sign of a satanic Mason." Whatever I said got me tossed...and confirmed that some folks just don't have a sense of humor.