Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bet these guys suck at Monopoly...

The $2 subway-bus fare could be saved if the state adopts the transit rescue package drafted by former MTA Chairman Richard Ravitch, the MTA revealed Monday.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has drafted fare-hike proposals in advance of public hearings scheduled for January and February.

If the state Legislature imposes new tolls and a tax on businesses as the Ravitch plan recommends, the MTA could keep the $2 fare for riders as long as they use MetroCards.
Priceless...this is how the "decision makers" solve problems in New York. Instead of levying an increase on those using the service...they rather nail the businesses even harder. This, of course, eventually trickles down to the subway users via smaller salary increases, bonuses, what have you. It, also, creates an immediate debit on the small businesses that are already paying exorbitant city taxes.

It's mind-boggling as to how an entity can hold a monopoly on a service in a captive environment and lose BILLIONS. The sane and fair way to handle this "crisis" is simple. Shut down lines...sell off property (how the MTA is allowed to invest in real estate in the first place makes me shutter), and re-negotiate operating costs such as pensions et al...just like a normal privatived business would have to do. Better yet...privatize the whole mess.

Would the immediate cost cutting measures inconvenience straphangers and vinyle huggers? Sure...tough...deal with it. Those dependent upon public transportation would be motivated to pressure those politically appointed morons at the MTA to actually show sound business judgment without exceeding their rather voluminous revenue intake.

I remember when they used to teach people how to balance a check book. Red ink was bad. Black ink was cool. Bond(s) worked for MI6 and 'Billions' was identifiable only with the late Carl Sagan.