Saturday, December 6, 2008

Someone needs a change....

On Friday, he picked two other Chicago friends to join them in the White House. Christina Tchen will be director of the Office of Public Liaison and Michael Strautmanis will serve as chief of staff for both of the offices Jarrett will oversee.

The rest of the appointment matrix is a complicated calculus of resumes, connections and politics. But for the office he means to serve as his official entryway, Obama and his team simply decided to lay out a familiar, Chicago-style welcome mat.

"They all share a true sense of the significant change that an Obama administration will bring," Jarrett said in an interview with the Chicago Tribune. "I was looking for people who have a track record of being inclusive, being transparent and engaging people who often feel left out."
Christina Tchen is a campaign bundler. She bundled just over $200,000 for the Democrats...and she consistently over donated requiring a multitude of reimbursements (that will never be confirmed). Get the picture? CHANGE BABY...CHANGE!!!

And, of course, this is change in that no one has ever been SO blantant and arrogant enough to serve us such a racid plate of sh*t and call it meatballs in the past.

Both of these new additions will be overseen by Valerie Jarrett. She's another campaign bundler who slapped together well over $100,000 for the election(s).