Friday, December 19, 2008

French Socialism...the New Coke...

PARIS: Firebombs and breaking glass, tear gas and burning cars. The images from Greece this month were enough to put the fear of youth into the hearts of European leaders.

That dread was palpable in France when President Nicolas Sarkozy abruptly delayed for one year a plan to overhaul France's high schools, after students from Bordeaux to Brittany took to the streets in protest.

Those demonstrations haven't turned violent yet. But French history, and the example of Greece, suggests they might. At least that is what people like Laurent Fabius, a Socialist Party leader, are saying on French radio.

"What we see in Greece is not out of the realm of possibility in France," Fabius said on Europe "When you have such an economic depression, such social despair, all it takes is a match."
French "demonstrators" don't need an excuse to go on with their usual car burning shennanigans. They just need a Quran and a few bottles filled with petrol. They also need a press that ignores the true basis for their acts...and how they are nearly all associated in a "religious" way.

Of course, Laurent Fabius thinks Socialism is the way to go to avoid "economic depression and "social despair." Let's see how that worked out in the past...

1. Hitler called himself a Socialist, and was by definition a Socialist. And, for a while there...the German economy looked pretty good until the rest of the world flattened it due to some of Hitler's other indiscretions.

2. Stalin, absolutely, was a Socialist. In fact, he exiled nearly 8 Million people to "Northern Camps" due to their "lack of cooperation" in transforming the Soviet Union to an agricultural based economy. Over 1/3 died as a result. The inept application of this new "collectivism" killed many, many more.

3. Mao Zedong was a Socialist. His institution of the "Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution" in China could be responsible for an many as 30 Million deaths due to famine...and other creative...applications. It is estimated that Mao was responsible for as many as 70 Million deaths.

You have to love the French Socialist...they never give up the cause, or let history get in the way of saving the rest of us and its inalienable rights.