Saturday, December 27, 2008

Life imitating art...

The beauty queen busted in the badlands of Mexico with a heavily armed drug gang will cool her heels in jail for another 40 days, a judge ordered Friday.

Laura Zuniga, arrested Monday with seven men in a truck loaded with guns and ammo, will remain behind bars in Mexico City as investigators probe ties to violent smuggling gangs.

Zuniga, 23, is the current Miss Sinaloa, representing a particularly violent region known as ground zero in the drug wars that plague Mexico.

Somehow, all those hot women working for James Bond's nemesis du jour seem that much more realistic today.

Zuniga's hometown is one of the most violent places in Mexico. Eleven people were killed in a couple of shootouts in broad daylight just a few days before her beauty pageant win in July.

Two of the victims were college professors waiting to pick up a car at a repair shop when the gunfire broke out.