Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Essay: "I need a muse..."

(Every Sunday will include a little essay that is off the beaten track a bit. It's not meant to be serious. It's not meant to invoke any deep thinking. It's just for fun...and more than a few will be a bit warped. Just like the other six days entries.)

"I Need a Muse"

In speaking with a long time friend, Ingrid, the other day I volunteered that I could use a muse. I don't know where the thought came from. It might have had something to do with some earlier adult beverages.

Regardless, it was windy. There was some sort of humming heating unit just across the pavement. And, the person I refer to as a "long time friend" knows me well enough not to, particularly, pay attention to everything I say.

That's the rationalization I used to explain why Ingrid asked, "why in name of all that is Holy would you want those filthy birds on your property?"


Ahhhh...she thought I said E-mus. "I need emus."

I tried to explain that I was referring to a "muse." The problem complicated because Ingrid had never heard the term before. I suppose that makes some bit of sense since the concept of a muse was a rather archaic Greek technique. The word comes to us from the Greek "Mousa" or the Latin "Musa." Early poets and literary figures would have their own special guiding genius, or muse. Some offered their "masters" a bit more than just sound words. Personally, I believe these folks to be the original "yes 'men'" in a sense.

I tried to explain this to her. However, Ingrid has a rather strong spirit with many feminist tendencies that don't smile on any form of subservience. Finally I just gave up and flipped up my wrist with a resigning "se la vie," which point my "long time friend" responded with, "No I can wait until I get home..."


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