Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Steelcage Hair Match...Blagojevich v. Traficant

Well, the blogosphere is a regular conflagration of ad nauseum regurgitation reflecting the Illinois Governor's 6AM perp walk. Rather than provide my own take on the matter (which would, probably, just regurgitate someone else's) I'll just slap up a bevy of links to some of the better ones I have read (not doing the trackback crap because it takes too long, and they're getting a link...so deal). Depending on how this plays out, we can probably look forward to a No Holds Barred Steelcage Match between Governor Blagojevich's and Jim Traficant's hair.

I'll put a sawbuck on Traficant's piece...it's got fangs.

I do have a question, however?

"Would it be profiling for Illinois State Police to start pulling over Illinois politicians?"
Here are the links:

Michelle Malkin (all over it)
Gateway Pundit (also, all over it)
Hotair (Ditto)
Beer for sale online (Take a break)
Mary Katherine Ham, Weekly Standard (Good read...)
Rick Moran (from the Rightwing Nuthouse)

That's enough...go outside.