Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Cult of Islam on display...

Abu Abdullah, 30, an IT consultant who came to Britain when he was seven, said he left school at 12 and began "Islamic studies".

He said: "I live here not as a British citizen but as a Muslim living in Britain. I pay tax and I have the right to speak out, to argue for an alternative way of life."

He is scathing of moderate Muslim leaders who have criticised the demonstration and fear they will suffer from an anti-Muslim backlash.

"They are selfish," he said. "They think their businesses and their families are more important than the plight of Muslims abroad who are suffering at the hands of British soldiers."
This nutter was one of the Muslims exercising free speech the other day by calling the British soldiers returning from Iraq..rapists, killers...and lots of other colorful names.

Here he is again...

One of its leading figures, IT consultant Abu Abdullah, 30, claims to head a group called Muslims Against British Atrocities and wants the UK to one day be ruled by Sharia law.

He has links to firebrand Islamic leader Anjem Choudary — right hand man of banned hate preacher Omar Bakri.

Abdullah said yesterday: “I’ve been living in Britain most of my life but I don’t consider myself British.

I don’t want to be associated with Britain. One day Britain will be liberated from capitalism and democracy and will be living under Sharia.”
I'd sure like to party with him...and leave him in a dumpster somewhere.