Friday, March 27, 2009

I admire the optimism…but grimace at the naïveté

Horowitz made the prediction while speaking to a George Washington University student group, after being asked about the possibility of U.S.-Iranian conflict. In the event of such a terror attack against the American homeland, Horowitz predicted, there will be widespread public outrage against U.S. liberals.
Guess again on the widespread outrage against liberals.

This is the same country that sat by while Jamie Gorelick parked herself on a commission pointing fingers at the Bush Administration for letting 9/11 occur. Jamie Gorelick was instramental in putting up a wall and enhancing the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). She issued a memo in March of 1995 as Deputy Attorney General under the Clinton Administration and Attorney General Janet Reno specifically instructing then-FBI Director Louis Freeh and United States Attorney Mary Jo White that for the sake of "appearances" they would be required to adhere to an interpretation of the wall far stricter than the law required (Opinion Journal).

In short, the commission was made up of individuals who held far more obvious responsibility for 9/11 than those they tried to target. The media more than did their part to support the farce.

My point is simple. Congress is run by the Democrats. The current Administration is run by the Democrats. The current opposition is a sorry sack of spineless do-nothings with limited exceptions. A terrorist attack could occur tomorrow with devestating and horrible consequences...and only one target would emerge from the drama queen commission that would be sure to be set up in haste oozing with partisan accusatory figure heads.

George W. Bush would be their mark. Conservatives would be a generalized cause based on what the media would spin. The spin would paint every true Conservative as intollerant and supportive of policy that created animosity with what Mark Steyn defines as "future facebook friends."

The fencesitting, wind-blowing moderates would gravitate away from the Right to avoid getting lumped in with the falsely and vapidly accused Conservatives. This happens time and time again with no alteration in opposing strategy from the Right. Rarely, does the Left hold such an all encompassing control and power as they do now (Congress, President, and Media). It would be a cakewalk for them instead of a perp walk.