Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Make Durban II an online petition...

States preparing for a highly sensitive U.N. racism conference have removed references to Israel and religious defamation from its draft declaration, potentially clearing the way for Western states to attend.

The amended text, circulated on Tuesday, followed a European Union threat to boycott next month's "Durban II" conference in Geneva unless the declaration wording was changed to keep the meeting from becoming an anti-Semitic forum.
Remember the last one? Mary Robinson just sat on her huge Irish ass while the members of the 57-nation Organisation of Islam and various suspect NGO's proceeded to turn the affair into an anti-Semitic bashing.

Secretary of State Powell walked out.

I'm a bit in the dark as to why such a conference (much less a "sensitive" conference) is required. We all hate racism...right? Good grief...have someone with a laptop do an online petition. All the self-important knuckleheads can sign it (hell, I'll even sign it)...and we can all feel great about the "accomplishment." Because I'll tell you what...that's more than the UN will accomplish at this massive millions affair. And think of all the carbon emissions that can be avoided. DOUBLE WIN!!!!!

Here's the wording of the proposed online petition:

"I won't call my neighbor names that make fun of his lineage...even if the bastard never returns borrowed tools."
Now...on a substantive note...the fact that religious defamation might be off the table sort of puts a damper on the whole anti-blasphemy measure...eh?