Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Drumming up the misrepresents

Here's the headline:

Letters tell an alternate story in Fort Dix case letters (from relatives of the convicted) are pleas from interested parties stating the usual "but they're good boys" schtick.

Since their conviction, more than a half-dozen family members have sent letters to U.S. District Judge Robert Kugler asking for the verdicts to be overturned. The letters are the latest in a case where participants have come to see the judge as a pen pal: all five of the convicts have written Kugler at least once since they were arrested nearly two years ago.
A good Judge would '86' the letters without reading them. The jury spoke...the defendants were most definitely guilty of conspiracy. Had law enforcement waited longer to make the arrest, they could have tacked on a conviction for "attempted murder" as well.

In this case, the government filed a long brief arguing that there was ample evidence to convict the men. Prosecutors have said the men trained with weapons, talked about jihad and that at least two of them discussed how to attack Fort Dix, about 25 miles east of Philadelphia.
But, they're good boys...facing life in prison as the media twists and turns in their bed of perverted sympathy.