Thursday, March 19, 2009

I want a refund...

Remember when you had to shell out a hole handful of cash to have the Freon in your vehicle's air conditioner removed, and replaced with something more expensive produced by the same manufacturer (whose patent coincidentally had run out at the same time)?

It was all done in the name of saving the planet from the massive man-eating ozone hole. Forget for a moment that Freon is four times heavier than air and couldn't possibly be the cause in the stratosphere. That just confuses the issue. And, while you're at it...forget that the chlorine present in the stratosphere was likely the direct result of evaporating sea water. That' know...not important.

Now...tell me why:

1. 2006 showed the biggest ozone depletion hole ever recorded (a decade after the Freon heist).

2. Tell me why 2008 showed the fifth largest ozone hole ever recorded?

3. Finally...tell me why we wanted to believe we could close up the ozone hole...or why we should try.

"We were surprised to find that the closing of the ozone hole, which is expected to occur in the next 50 years or so, shows significant effects on the global climate," said Lorenzo M. Polvan one of two principle investigators and professor of applied mathematics at SEAS. "This is because stratospheric ozone has not been considered a major player in the climate system. We believe the closing of the ozone hole is likely to have profound impacts on the surface winds and, also likely, to have an impact on other aspects of the Earth's climate, including surface temperatures, locations of storm tracks, extent of dry zones, amount of sea ice, and ocean circulation."
Freakin' scientists are trying to kill us...and I want my money back for the bogus retrofitting so I can enjoy my final days in style.