Friday, March 27, 2009

Turn off your match your mental acuity

Edward Norton:I am encouraging people toturn off their lights for one hour on March 28th at 8:30 p.m. – EarthHour – and join tens of millions of people around the world in the largest call to action on climate change in history. Earth Hour sends a powerful message to the world that we must act urgently before it’s too late. By turning out the lights, Americans will be casting a vote for action.”

The Worm is recommending "Mirth Hour" on the cheap...

Tim Blair (Australia) is proudly inviting you to participate in the "Hour of Power."

Kate (Small Dead Animals-Canada) lights the propane torches and space heaters in a Ceremonial Banishment Of The Snows!!!

Ironically, Desmond Tutu seems to support both sides of the issue:

Desmond Tutu:Earth Hour is an opportunity for every man, woman and child from all corners of the globe to come together with a united voice and make a loud and powerful statement on the issue of climate change.”
Ok...I have no idea who this next one is...but I enjoyed the obtuse vapidity so much I had to include her/him:

Jo Dee Messina: “Earth Hour is such a great campaign. It lets something as simple as flicking a light switch become so much more. Earth Hour reminds everyone that if we all put in a little effort, we can achieve big results.”
This would be an absolutely fantastic offering in sarcasm...but Jo Dee is being serious. Jo Dee sounds like someone that would chase the red dot created by a laser pointer.

Linkin Park: “Climate change is a crisis affecting the world right now, negatively impacting the Earth’s ecosystems and the strength and frequency of climate-related disasters such as drought, flooding, and catastrophic storms. Earth Hour is an opportunity for individuals to come together with one voice and declare that we are ready to tackle this critical issue head on.”
Bravo...bravo...ummm...I guess this means that Linkin Park is going acoustic...yeah, that will sell! *snort*

But hey...think of all the freight costs you'll save not having to lug all this around; Audio-Technica Artist Elite Series AEW-T6100 mic/transmitters, with AEW-R5200 dual receivers; Shinoda (main and spare), Bennington (main and spare); Audio-Technica AEW-DA550C with ATW-A49 antennas; Digidesign D-Show Profile, with onboard Waves Live Bundle, Digidesign All Access package, URS comps and Serato plug-ins; 12 Adamson Y18 per side with four Adamson Y10s as underhangs, two clusters of four SpekTrix boxes flown in the mother grid for sidefill, 16 Y10s per side for side hang, eight Spektrix per side; 16 Y10s; XTA processors and Lab.gruppen amps; 12-inch Motion Computing table PC running XP Pro; 10-processor XTA network; two Vestax turntables, a Vestax digital hybrid mixer, Line 6 distortion effect, Pioneer EFX 1000, M-Audio Trigger Finger, Rane Serato Scratch LIVE interface and a Mac; eight M-Audio Trigger Fingers and a Mac running [Native Instruments'] Kontakt as a Pro Tools plug-in; dbx 160A compressor into a SansAmp PSA-1 preamp into an Ampeg SVT Classic amp into two 8x10 cabinets; SansAmp RBI preamp; XL cabs (with built-in stereo direct outs) loaded with vintage 30s at a 16-ohm load; Audio-Technica mics: 4047s and 4050s;Audio-Technica wireless units and antenna combiners; Audio-Technica AE2500 and a Shure Beta 91; snare top and bottom, Shure SM57s; hi-hat, A-T ATM 450; toms, A-T ATM 350s; ride, A-T AE5100; overheads, A-T AT4050s; talkback mics, A-T ATR 20s.

Backstreet Boys: Turn off your bedroom lights and light some candles. Unplug the electric and serenade your sweetheart with an acoustic guitar ballad instead. Forget the microwave and indulge on that huge bowl of Captain Crunch you’ve been craving. You know that’s what we’ll be doing. Not necessarily in that order though.” know, they pick Captain (sic) Crunch off of these rare Indonesian bushes and just pop them in the box after a quick rinse. Or maybe...they throw about 40 base ingredients into a vat with preservatives and bake the corn mixture in open ovens (rather inefficiently I might add).

By the're curious why I started this post off with Edward Norton...right? He's on Larry King Live tonight pushing everyone to turn off their lights, and according to some stuff I've read, he is comparing the effort (of flicking out one's lights) to the Civil Rights Marches in Selma. Also, I find the whole environmental movement rather facist in its insistence, and treatment of why not a photo of Norton sporting a swastika?

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