Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Giving a cretin a time-out...

As a result, relief groups said, more than one million people are without adequate food, clean water and health care as a meningitis outbreak looms. United Nations workers remain, but Mr. Bashir said Monday that he wanted all foreign relief organizations out within a year. The Obama administration denounced the expulsions. After a meeting with Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations secretary general, Mr. Obama called the Darfur crisis one "that we care about deeply" and said it was important "to send a strong, unified, international message that it is not acceptable to put that many people's lives at risk."
I was always a proponent of corporeal punishment when the unruly are unable to control themselves. However, the "politically correct" do-gooders of our society advocated (and litigated) the position that such actions were "abuse." Actually, they were disciplinary and educational when done in moderation. Having been on the receiving end of such acts growing up (and deservedly so), it didn't take long for me to change my behavior (and keep it changed).

I mention this, because the same faulty philosophy of "child rearing" can be found as the staple of the United Nations...and the new Democrat president:

"The Obama Administration denounced the expulsions."

"...send a strong, unified, international message..."
(a literal written message, mind you)

The UN and President Obama really do think that a murderous, bigoted despot jackass like Bashir will hop-to when he receives a strongly worded reprimand. They are actually giving a tyrant a time-out.

Please name one instance in which a country receiving a strongly worded reprimand from the United Nations has made a difference and resulted in (dare I say it)...change.