Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I smell a the habitat of the White House

Obama: Projects should mull risks to endangered species

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Obama says he wants to resume full scientific reviews of U.S. projects that might harm endangered wildlife and plants.

In a visit to the Interior Department on Tuesday, Obama said he signed a presidential memorandum to restore the scientific process in endangered species decisions. Obama said the process was undermined by a last-minute regulation by the Bush administration.
Name one thing that President Obama has done to actually help the economy...anyone...anyone? as President Obama cherry picks industries to be immune to this "cautious" approach. Here's one...I'll bet:

President Obama's energy-independence plan to develop pollution-free wind power to replace dirty coal and oil is running into opposition from an unlikely source: bats.

Wind-energy programs in New York - including a developer's plan to build the city's first wind farm at Staten Island's mothballed Fresh Kills landfill - are tied up in red tape because their projects will endanger bats, birds and other wildlife, The Post has learned.
I wouldn't give a plug nickel for the lives of NY bats...they will be steamrolled while coal and petroleum based industries will be brought to their knees as the Dept. of Interior and Dept. of Commerce dick around studying mating habits for the two-headed burping toad. Any takers?

If you have been paying attention, President Obama threw on an interesting little rider to the Budget fiasco largesse:

Specifically they want to do away with a rider in the 2009 spending bill that would allow the White House to withdraw Endangered Species Act rules without having to go through any public comment period or legal challenge.
In short, the White House would get to pick and choose the specific application of the Endangered Species Act so that they can control who does, and does not do business.


It is a veiled attempt to allow government (specifically, the White House) to control private business development.