Thursday, May 14, 2009

Me thinks he doth protest too much...

Obama, who took the stage at Sun Devil Stadium shortly before 8 p.m., urged the 9,267 graduates to stand up to the challenging times by rejecting traditional status symbols as they build their own "body of work," a riff on ASU's decision withhold an honorary degree because the relatively new commander-in-chief had yet to establish a large enough body of work.

The sad point is that the media is STILL protecting this rookie from criticism regardless of the source, the subject and the truth of it.

Obama sought to put to rest the degree controversy, repeatedly joking about it during his speech. The president said the great American story is young people following their passions and not doing it for money.

"A whole bunch of them didn't get honorary degrees," he said. "But they changed the course of history — and so can you, ASU, so can you Class of 2009." can tell it irks him. How dare ASU denounce "The One."

"One of the amazing things about President Obama is his ability to weave together so many references into a powerful, yet lighthearted lesson," said Tempe City Councilman Corey Woods, who was at the stadium. "I loved the fact that he preached a message to the graduating class of never abandoning your dreams while name-dropping Winston Churchill and (Arizona Cardinals star) Kurt Warner in the same sentence. It's an important message that was packaged in a very accessible way." me do it.

"Alright, graduates...go get' that Winston Churchill know, the Brit whose statue bust I returned to the United Kingdom because he was a fat white guy, and that Kurt Warner guy who tossed the pigskin around your stadium before the Muslims in the area said that tossing a pigskin was unclean and an afront to Islam."

See...Easy peasey...The rest of the article concentrates on making "The One" seem unconcerned that ASU didn't feel he met the standards of receiving an Honorary Degree. The attempt is shameless and only highlights the fact that "The One" is pissed about it. Why else would he reference it so consistently in his speech?