Sunday, May 17, 2009

EPA manhunt? Sounds sexist...

North Andover woman sought in EPA manhunt; bogus asbestos removal classes put thousands at risk

Days before she was to be sentenced for one of the country's most egregious environmental crimes, North Andover resident Albania Deleon begged for the court's mercy.

"I pray that God will forgive my soul," she wrote in a three-page handwritten letter to US District Court Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton, "and allow me to atone the rest of my life repaying and repairing the harm I have done. This is my solemn promise."

Then the 39-year-old mother sawed off her ankle monitor and disappeared into a cool March day, becoming one of the US Environmental Protection Agency's most wanted fugitives.
I had to post this simply because of the imagery it presents. What Albania Deleon did was fraud...and criminal in intent. I'm not arguing that point (even if most of the victims were criminals as well...illegal immigrants).

However, I was unaware that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hunted down offenders. I think that as long as Ms. Deleon has a vehicle with more than two cylinders, she can stay ahead of the Enviro Heat Squad.

They don't look too smart: