Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Somewhere a village is missing their idiot...

It's Five Questions with Joy Behar from the Detroit Free Press: (aka: bottom of the barrel bilge)

Q: I wanted to know your opinion of Wanda Sykes' routine at the White House Correspondents Dinner and if you thought she went too far with her Rush Limbaugh jokes or if that's within the realm of fair game?

A: Well, Rush Limbaugh is a great target because he's the one who said, among other things, that Michael J. Fox was faking his movements ... to get publicity. So he's quite capable of crossing the line. ... I think that her main problem is that she wasn't getting the laughs. The joke needed to be a little bit more pointed. Because if it's funny, you get away with it. If it's not funny enough, then you veer into bitterness when you're attacking the opposite team. I think that was a little bit problematic for her. But she was funny on other stuff. And anyway, they love comedians and what we say until they don't love what we say. And then we're in trouble again. Remember, the role of the court jester is to tell the king he's full of baloney. That's what our job is.
Well, Michael J. Fox admitted that he was over-medicating which caused dyskinesia. That's a constant uncontrollable rocking motion for those of you playing along at home. Score one for Mr. Limbaugh...

Oh...Wanda Sykes was getting the laughs alright...there was a photograph of our President yukking it up over the liver failure joke. And, uhhh...Ms. Behar...you may consider yourself a comedian...but I don't. I've seen more talent at a funeral home.

I do agree, however, that it is the job of the jester to tell the king he's full of baloney. When we can expect King Obama to get his due...hmmmm?