Friday, May 1, 2009

Biden's state...

Hey...check out the Delaware Department of Transportation's helpful tips!!!

Workplace Faux Pas:

I assure you that this a legimate memo issued by a DelDOT executive. You'll get a few laughs at the absolute stupidity of it as they suggest...what not to say.

For example:

--- you shouldn't inquire whether a black co-worker would like you to order watermelon or fried chicken for him/her.

--- you shouldn't call handicapped co-workers "retards." Actually, they go a bit far and say you can't refer to anyone as "handicapped" either.

You get the drift. It is a memo written by some simpleton who thinks the workforce is made up of two year olds. But, I do have a gripe about one of the suggestions on what not to say. Here it is exactly:

Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender Co-workers

Employees who make the decision to "come out" are usually apprehensive about the kinds of reaction they will receive from colleagues.

Comment: "I didn't need to hear that."

Suggestion: If you are not interested in a person's personal life, simply say, "Thank You."

How about I say...

"Listen, pal...I don't really think it is appropriate to inform me of your sexual proclivities when all we are supposed to be doing is road maintenance. In other words, you and I were hired to lay guard rail...that's all. And, further more...had I asked you what your sexual habits are, you would have every right to inform me of what our job duties happen to be and that my question was out of line."

These jackass Politically Correct morons are out of control.