Saturday, May 2, 2009

Noonan knows nada...

And so the latest round of What Should the Republican Party Do?

If it is alive, and it is, it will evolve, as living things do. Beyond that, a thought.

A great party needs give. It must be expansive and summoning. It needs to say, "Join me."
No, Ms. Noonan. It must educate. Conservatives must explain their positions (without compromising Conservative values) in terms relatable and understandable to the populous. It must "take the gloves off" and go on the offensive to expose the basic wrongs of policy and opposition now being put into place.

Coordinated press conferences across the nation must follow on the heal of each and every bit of legislation that will destroy the fabric of democracy. That SHOULD have been done at the very moment a bail out was signed by the President. Then, each time taxes go up and it is noticable to the public, follow up press conferences coordinated across the country should hammer home who the general public has to thank.

Each time gasoline prices spike, Conservatives should hammer home (in coordination) the continued blocking of off shore drilling. Every time produce prices, or retail prices escalate, coordinated press conferences by all available conservative politicians and grass roots organization should pound home the folly or Green legislation and the whole failed "Cap and Trade" philosophy.