Thursday, April 30, 2009

Put the bloody morons on E-Bay...

Mr. Holder said that of the 241 inmates still held in Guantánamo Bay, 30 could now be released. In the coming weeks, he said, specific countries in Europe would be asked to take specific detainees. The U.S. authorities will share “sufficient information” with any receiving countries “about why the inmates had been held in Guantánamo and how they conducted themselves during that time.”
During WW II, German POW's used to work the apple orchards in Pennsylvania (among other places). Of course, they weren't considered victims back then. They were enemy combatants.

I find it amusing that our Attorney General is in Europe literally begging for the EU to take over the care, custody and control of these Jihadist cretins while piling on a heaping helping of "righting a wrong." It shows the country in a weakening state while portraying our current Administration as the "white knight of justice." Of course, to be able to accept the former and the latter, you would have to be a mouth breathing idiot...and we have plenty of those.