Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Her royal Doltness..

He privately rolls his eyes at the way many in politics and government spend so much time preening and maneuvering for credit rather than simply doing their jobs. Yet with that detached and novelistic eye that allows him to be a great writer, he is also able to do a kind of political jujitsu, where he assesses the bluster and insecurities of other politicians, defuses them, and then uses them to his advantage.
These "Obamamites" are really and truly delusional. They are such unwitting contortionists of fact that they have resorted to "compliments" by way of...in my opinion...the consumate insult.

Maureen Dowd is hardly a cerebral thinker...but read the above and try and figure out what the hell type medication she's taking.

All Obama has shown us is "preening and maneuvering" when they will suffice over outright dishonesty and misrepresentation of the facts. I've read his book(s) and the last phrase I would use to describe the effort(s) would be "great writer." Instead, I would describe it as "vague, non-committal, and highly aloof."

More importantly, it is not very difficult to move other politicians around like pawns on the table when they have shown no backbone (in the case of wayward and appeasing Republicans)...as well as exploiting the all important necessity to remain in power (as the Democrats). Those that oppose his omnipotence find themselves out in the cold whether they be politicians, private industry, energy industry, or even journalists.

Dowd is about as bright as a three-watt lightbulb...which seems to be the next little effort from the Obama Administration (environmental wackery).